Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #234

{that early morning golden light!}
Oh hello YOU.  How the devil do you do?!  How is it Now?!  Where have the past seven days even gone and HOW are we on the very brink of September no less?!  It could be one of my favourite months you know:  First berries:  Blackberries, Elderberries and Hawthorn to name but a few.  Dew on the grass, a nip in the air first and last thing and time to dig out my favourite tan chelsea boots to wear for the forseeable.  Yes it's the end of such a wonderful summer BUT there's something about a new month and especially September because no month has 'new start' written all over it quite like this one does.  I mean people can say what they want about January and 'New Year this, New Year that' but September is my fresh page for always!

Let's list shall we?!

1.  Losing track of the immaterial.  I cant believe where lately has gone.  I mean, i even more can't believe where lately has gone!  Maybe {probably!} it's those two brown ears and little brown legs that have made lately seem one great big whirlwind of emotions BUT i know that each day lately my heart has felt full and i've dropped into the deepest sleep each and every night as soon as my head has hit the pillow.  I haven't checked a 'New In' section on a website or spent money on anything that i or the puppy dog couldn't eat over the past few days and that feels sort of nice, you know!?  

2.  That golden glow.  Don't be surprised if that's not the last you read of that sentence on these here pages of the internet.  The temperatures have dropped 'some' degrees this week - i for one am enjoying the cooler nights and a much crisper breeze tickling my cheeks last thing at night and first thing on a morning BUT what was extra, extra lovely was Tuesday morning's walk to work.  I awoke at 6am to such a dark and dismally grey morning, and a little lurch in my tummy that only the loom of those dark Autumn mornings can bring and upon leaving the house an couple of hours later, was met with THE most golden glow and great big ball of orange in the sky.  It cast the prettiest autumnal glow on each and everything it touched as i walked to work and it filled my little heart right up!  

3.  Sauerkraut and gherkins.  Sandwiched in between torn up spinach, mustard, left over chicken breast and a little cherry tomato sliced.  All pressed in between a flat bread and gobbled down for lunch for at least the past five days.  Made up on the spot and a new all-time favourite!

4.  Compote dreamin'.  I neglected a handful of plums and now they're so over-ripe and soft that i daren't move them from the bowl on the windowsill that they're currently residing in.  It's okay though. Tonight is Tuesday night, and tomorrow is Wednesday and i'm off all day.  There is grand plans to make a spiced plum compote for stirring through creamy almond porridge and the thought of it alone is making me all kinds of hungry!

5.   Those sweet sleeps.  She's more of a micro-napper throughout the day that little Ness bear.  We do little plays mixed in with little sleeps and that suits us just fine until she's big enough to go out on a lead.  But come 9:30pm all she wants is to lie on her back, legs wide open and little paws crossed in her little bed in her crate and sleep, sleep sleep.  She's so sleepy on an evening that i often have to lift her back up the back step after going to the toilet before bed because she quite often falls up it!  But those star-shaped sleeps......we sit and watch her and just laugh so much!  Little chocolate bean you have our hearts well and truly!

6.   Hummus spread thickly on toasted dark rye bread and dunked in tomato soup with a handful of toasted seeds.  Easy-peasy and SO comforting!

7.   Hot chai tea before bed.  It's that time.  I bought a massive 'Smoked Vanilla' candle way back when and we light it most evenings after supper.  I have a hot shower, throw on my pyjamas and we make chai tea and dunk shortbread in it.  Maybe that's why i've been sleeping so soundly!

8.  Helen!  Last week i met Helen!  If you're a regular around these parts {or a #wonderfulwednesday writer!} you'll know the Helen from Roast Chicken and a Country Walk blog. She popped into work to say hi to me as she's up this way doing some work and it was SO lovely!  And a little surreal!  YAY TO THE INTERNET! And to #wonderfulwednsday s!

* * *   

And it's all tick, tick, ticked off for another week of listing the best bits!  Another seven days which have whooshed by within a blink!  I swear to goodness that the year actually gets faster and faster once January and February are beyond us, don't you think?!
Go hop, skip and jump right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's to catch more #wonderfulwednesday joy!  And we'll catch up same time next week.....?!  

How does that sound!?

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #233

{Remember when shoes with Pom poms were safe?!?!}

Well oh well oh well as if we're here again already?!  I mean if you counted the amount of times i've said this now - well we'd be into the squillions BUT i really do mean it when i say these weeks rocket by with a blink of an eye!

Safe to say that they're rocketting by at even more of a pace since we got little miss Ness monster!  I don't think i've had quite so many emotional highs and lows in my whole life as i have had in the past seven days!  Sometimes i think that we've got this all sorted and we have a great day.  And others, well you only have to look at the nibbles and munch marks on my hands and arms to know which one of us tastes the best!  

Happy list anyone?!?

1.  Those snuffles.  Puppy snuffles are the best.  I mean in the whole of the day of Ness they make uuuupppp five percent of her day?!  Yes the rest of the time she spends trying to eat any kind of labels on things i didn't even know had labels; trying to work out the 'puppy' in the patio doors and if she wants to play, biting my hands, my ankles - heavens sometimes even my hip or my hair - just whatever is handy to be honest.  BUT when she chills out and winds down - usually around 10pm - and just wants to be anywhere near you, on you or even just with a paw touching your hand while you stroke her little pink tummy - those little sighs and snuffles get me every time and suddenly the million bite and scratch marks all up my arms are worth it.

2.  Sleep.  Let's just be honest here.  We're counting ourselves VERY lucky over here that this little monster slept all of the way through the night from day three and also kind of hoping she stays that way!  But us?!  The first five nights hardly a wink.  Do you know what sounds a lot like a puppy crying?!  SEAGULLS.  CROWS.  SOMETIMES even a bus screeching to a halt.  SOMETIMES i even dreamt i heard a puppy crying.  Which at least makes sense unlike the Mr who had such a vivid dream that he couldn't sleep all about hiding in a bathroom from a lion {now tell me THAT isn't puppy related!} that he was awake most of the night one night last week.  Finally we've settled down and into an evening routine AND i've also become one of those people who falls asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow.  And early too.  Amen for sleep and good skin.  Even if my arms and ankles look like i've been through a shredder.  

3.  Mint tea.  Well always mint tea but i DO go through phases with the stuff.  It's my go to 'calm-er down-er' when i'm feeling a bit frazzled or stressed! Often the first part of me that suffers in this instance is my tummy:  All washing machine-y and unsettled.  A couple of cups of mint tea and a little less caffeine-type tea is the ultimate 'Fixer.' Ps:  Pukka 'Three Mint' tea is my favourite.  OR Teapigs 'Mint and Liquorice.'   
4.  Team work.  Whether that's been at work or at home with the Mr tag-teaming that chaos-creator there's nothing better than feeling like you are part of a good team - having someone there to lean on, to pick up where you can't reach {whether that's armed with a poo bag or not!} and just someone who is totally on your page no matter what.  It makes the achievable feel.....achievable {!!} and is also a real boost to everyone's morale.  When something is hard work, emotionally, physically or mentally; a strong team can be your saving grace!

5.  Humid hair.  My word, we're at number five and we haven't even mentioned the weather!!! Who even am i anymore?!  It's been pretty grim up North:  Incessantly humid and sticky feeling with drizzly damp spells.  Often-times this would mean i'd wash my hair more times than you can shake a stick at in an attempt to tame the frizzy flicks and twists and then step outside and two minutes later might as well have not really bothered!  But when you've got a puppy you've got to make have a wee before bed OR you're so tired that you'd really rather sleep a bit longer WELL, yo - okay I have sort or learnt to love the flicks and fluff and added texture a little bit of 'mizzle' gives me.  Have i gone entirely mad?!

6.  The smell of rain.  Have i told you that i recently learn that the word 'Petrichor' means the smell that comes from rain on a warm day?!  So even though now is sort of damp and drizzly and throughly horrible, the sweet scent of rain has been really pretty lovely!  Can we also put our hands and feet in the air if it's also nice to hear that muggy rain clattering down and battering the windows just as your dropping off to sleep?!?  What's NOT great is having a dog who isn't all that keen on heavy rain.  I mean she lives in Cumbria now.  We might have to have some serious chats!

7.   Ticking off jobs.  Boring ones, but jobs still the same.  Like hoovering {Ness also hates the hoover.  Drills, hammering and any bass guitar-related noises at the Mr's works and she's fine.  But hoover?  Not so much.} and doing washing and making the bed.  Can i be honest and tell you that everything totally fell by the way side last week after Ness' arrival?!  But we're slowly learning about each other and our limits and i'm also learning that she doesn't need me 24/7!  

8.  Mindset.  I wanted to write 'mental health' there but i am opening a great big cavernous expanse of a subject there and one which maybe there is a better place for discussion about it than in a #wonderfulwednesday blog post.  BUT all i wanted to say was that since getting this little monster, i can't remember the last time i worried about something silly, immaterial even.  I can't remember the last time i spent anytime i felt stressed about something silly i had no control over or worried what somebody else thought about something silly that didn't really matter.  I've been wholeheartedly focussed on that little thing and making sure that she and the Mr are okay and that's it.  I've spent most lunchtimes in the pet shop, or googling hints and tips to help train her and then any extra time appreciating those cuddles or Whatsapping the Mr at work to ask how she is.  And i just feel less.......stressed about the small stuff and like i have an instant better perspective on things.  Is that odd?!?!

Aaandddd it's all over for another week.  I'm not honestly sure how i've gotten the time to write this week's post.  SORRY it's late - #internetproblems.  If i'm entirely honest i have just worked the past six days in a row and had to double check what day it was this morning because i was convinced i'd missed Wednesday altogether BUT HERE WE ARE! and BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!  I mean as hit publish, i've said goodbye to two t-shirts that the monster as sunk her teeth into and 'special kind of distressed for me', dropped her in her water bowl {only from a little height} and we've had three puppy time-outs for sharp teeth and not being nice BUT i got this post up and out and figured out how to fire the 4G from my phone over to this Mac.  Aint technology AMAZING?!?  As you were....

Remember to hop right on over to   Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's and catch up on their weekly #wonderfulwednesday happy lists!  Because lately i can't get enough of them!

See you in seven... 



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