Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #199

{Winter at it's most beautiful}
Heavens!  How did it get to now and where did then go?!?  I'm predictably only half-organised for Christmas and feeling a bit frazzled and exhausted if i'm being honest.  I can't tell you how very much i'm really looking forward to sitting down to my Christmas dinner on Christmas day surrounded by some of my favourite people.  But that right now seems both a long way off {and too many long and busy shifts away!} and only round the corner in equal measure! I'm sort of relishing hiding in this weeks' post for a little while:  Switching off the stressful part of my little brain and just thinking about the littler, lovely and things that i'm grateful for this week.  Are you ready.....??!?!

1.  Breathing.  Silly really but doing it properly has made a huge difference to my Lately.  When things {*cough* Christmas *cough*} feel like they're getting a bit  too much; taking the time to focus on nothing in the world BUT breathing, has been helping put everything back into perspective.  ie:  It really is just one day out of the whole year long and not worth getting oneself into a silly little tizz about.  

2.  Sour apples.  I'm blaming the bowlful's of sweet and sour citrus we've been devouring week on week over the cold months on the fact that this week i've been craving even more 'sour.'  This is a bit unusual for my sweet-toothed self!  I've fixed myself up by picking up the greenest, crispiest and sourest apples i could find and i've been enjoying chopping them into quarters and either slathering them in salty almond butter orrrrr eating alongside a few squares of crumbly cheese.

3.   Coal.  Or was it wood?!?  Who knows to be honest except to say that 'Lately's' wander home from work in freezing fog and skatier than usual pavements also found the air thick and damp with the smell of some kind of fire.  Walking slower {due to said ice and minus temperatures} and breathing in great big gulpfuls of Wintery Night  was actually really rather lovely.  I can't smell a burning fire without being taken right back to being small and staying with my Nanna and Grandad and they're sweet little coal fire.  

4.  Banking sleep.  This week is my busiest of the whole year at work and will see me doing a fair few twelve and possibly thirteen hour shifts so naturally i've been curling up and catching up on those Zzzz's as and when i can.  I notice such a difference in how i look and feel and how productive i am with enough sleep and as i've grown older {!!!} i've really learnt to appreciate the importance of it.  This week has so far been for not feeling guilty getting up a little later when time permits...

5.  Chocolate.  The coconut kind.  I know it's because i'm in a little bit of a 'Tizz' and feeling a lot stressed this week but i've been craving chocolatey 'everythings' all the live long day.  Shout out to Ombar Coconut milk chocolate buttons and for Meridian chocolate peanut butter for keeping me suitably 'Cocoa-ed Up.'

6.   The smell of freshly washed laundry.  I'm finding comfort every which way that i can this week, have you noticed?!?  What can beat it though, the smell of drying laundry as you step through the door after being out in the cold.  It's been the smell i have come home to most days this week since there's been washing hung from every possible hanging space imaginable!!!  It's also worked a treat at making me feel all warm, cosy and relaxed each evening too.   

7.  Nuts, nuts, NUTS!  They've been my go-to snack this week.  Well let's be honest they pretty much always are but this week i've needed even more rocket fuel than usual!  I always carry a little tub of them around with me as they're great for on the go pick-me-ups!  This week it's been all about walnuts and dried apricots!  

8.  Frangipane Mince Pies.  I mean i love a mince pie as much as the next person.  Okay maybe a little more than the next person.  So much so that i almost squealed in delight when i spotted Frangipane Mince Pies in Marks and Spencer!  If there's one thing i might like more than mince pies it's almond flavour anything and Frangipane always.  These crumbly little dreamboats didn't disappoint.  So much so that halfway through the first box i went out and picked up a second.....just incase they sell out!  They're that good. 

*   *   *

And i'm done and with time to spare to sit awhile and maybe write some Christmas cards by the tiny tree i've christened Rodney:  Rodney Tree!  It's odd to think that this time next week as i'm writing my #wonderfulwednesday post Christmas will be all done and dusted and we'll be gearing up for New Year and all that comes with it!  I for one am ready for a new year, a fresh start-blank page feeling {because there's somethin' cleansing on the heart and soul about opening a new diary afresh, hanging up a new calander, don't you think...?!} and a chance to see where 2018 takes me.  How about you?

But enough of that for now, don't forget to skip right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's blogs and catch their very own #wonderfulwednesday post's.  If there was ever a time to stop, think and be a little more grateful and thankful for what you've got, it's now.  Am i right?!?
Merry Christmas you beautiful bunch!

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