Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #237

{More autumnal greatness!}
 Writing this weeks #wonderfulwednesday on an actual Wednesday afternoon and it feels all kinds of wrong and upside down and inside out.  Almost as bad as that time i had to start writing it on a Sunday evening because i knew i was going away and wouldn't have reliable internet.  That felt worse.  Cheating almost. At least now there's been part of the week and we're sitting with our feet dangling into the weekend - well sort of.  Truth is this week has just gone:  Vanished, va-moose.  POOF!  And i knew i had Ness' first puppy class last night but i didn't expect it to reduce me to the blubbering wreck that it did on the way home and quite frankly after it i was only fit for spiced lentil soup and then tea, chocolate and hazelnut cookies and the warm hug that is Bake Off.  Don't fret, it wasn't bad.  I was proud and hormonal in equal measure!!

Cripes i haven't even asked how you are?!  Fill me in!  But while you do...shall we list....?!?!

1.  Taking my own lunch.  I got really into this before we got Ness:  chopping up carrot sticks and creating tubs of snacks and all kinds of delcious-ness to take with me to work each day so that i didn't spend a small fortune on my lunch each day.  Then we got Ness and it all went out of the window in favour of spending my mornings with her and then making her delicious snacks to take to work with the Mr.  BUT I'M BACK!  This week i took extra delicious spinach tortilla wraps filled with hummus, sprouted seeds, mixed leaves, toasted seeds {ALL OF THE SEEDS}, pickled red cabbage and a great big dollop of lime pickle 'cos that's my current favourite 'thing.'  I didn't do any veg chopping BUT i did take along my own snacks from the cupboard.  But then i probably did defeat all of that by ordering a mustard satin headband from H&M that has been out of stock for weeks and i've been lusting after for what feels like forever.  S'all about balance i guess....

2.  Puppy class.  I mean i'm trying to not make each #wonderfulwednesday post about Ness but this week was her first puppy class and i've been SO nervous.  We haven't avoided other dogs but we haven't naturally encountered many and if we have it's only been in passing so i just didn't know what to expect!  There was only us, a Patterdale terrier, a little jack russell and a baby boxer dog in our class and Ness was so good! She was timid and shy to start with but once she got into it she was so gentle and calm and lovely with the other puppies! She sat when we told her to and came right back to her name too. And when it was her turn to be off her lead and to say hello to everyone she kept coming back to us and sitting at our feet every so often and looking up as if to say 'Mum is this ok?'.  I AM SO PROUD OF HER!

3.   Being a team.  Now we've got that little chocolate bean it just feels like we're a little family almost.  I mean i never really felt like anything was missing exactly, but somehow a little gap has been filled that i didn't know i needed filled!  And when we got out on our little walks together - even-though she tries to eat every last thing imaginable {dandelion clocks - yes the fluffy white dandelion heads...yuk - are her current favourite} and walks in zig-zags and wants to say hello to everyone and anything she can see - i love it.  I love her inquisitive nature and how brave she is and how she just takes everything in her stride.  And i love how she sits in between us on the sofa chewing her favourite toy {usually for a couple of minutes before she tries to chew one of us}.  She's the sweetest little bear!

4.   Waiting.  I'm a terror....actually WAIT:  I used to be a terror for really thinking i needed something and would dive straight in and buy it and most of the time either return it or never ever use or wear it.  But over the last few months i've bought less and really thought about what i wanted and what i needed.  Whenever i pick up something or get distracted by something the first thing i ask myself is:  What does is do better than something else in your wardrobe that you already have?' And you know what?  Nine times out of ten i think and i realise i already have something that ticks that box.  Or if i don't think i have i wait.  And i think.  And then i wait a bit more.  And if i forget about it altogether then i never really wanted it that much in the first place.  Or if i look forward to going to get it and get really excited then i know i'm going to love it and use it as much as i can and that there is place for it.  I'm by no means perfect but i do feel like i'm getting there.....

5.   Chai tea before bed.  i mean i love it all year round but the howling gales of this week...the darker evenings and the grey light....well i've been craving spiced cardamom and cinnamon chai each evening.  Last night we curled up and dunked hazelnut and chocolate cookies into milky chai whist watching The Great British Bake Off {that pup was out for the count after all of her friend-making} and i'm convinced i slept better because of it.  

6.   Kissing Ness' ears.  Sorry!   Favourite thing ever.  And even more special as you can only really get away with it first thing in the morning or last thing at night when you pop her out in the garden before tucking her up! Otherwise there's a distinct possibility you'll lose your nose altogether....

7.   Crumpets.  But not just crumpets:  Seedy sourdough crumpets spread with Pip and Nut's Maple Peanut Butter and topped with sticky sliced figs and toasted black sesame seeds.  SO GOOD.
*  *  *

And we're all done and dusted, ticked off and happy listed for another seven days would you believe it?!!?  Don't forget to hop, skip and jump right on over to the wonderful JJo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's who get their posts up on time and write their very own #wonderfulwednesday each and every week.  I'm off to have a nosey now myself....but not before i make a great big mug of Lady Grey!

Have a lovely rest of week!

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #236

 {When Autumn gets it really gets it right!}
Hello!  How do you do?  I'm calling this 'the thirty minute edition' since as that's the only physical time i have to write this weeks post on Tuesday evening in amongst general life admin, a hyper 'wants to play with and eat everything' puppy and the time to actually make and eat food.  Oh and The Great British Bake Off.  But hopefully you wont begrudge me that one luxury?!  Will you....?!

This week has gone before it's barely started.  I'm in Edinburgh tomorrow - locked up in a hotel doing a presentation that i feel very under-prepared for despite feeling like i have spent forever preparing.  Oh the irony.  Wish me luck!  But for now we better get our skates on because i'm already ten minutes in......

1.  Cold nights.  A bitter sweet one because with them come the sure-fire looming of really cold nights!!!  BUT there is something comforting about blankets, lamplight, lighting 'spiced anythings' candles and sleeping all bundled up in pyjamas and a great big cloud of a duvet.  I hope i haven't peaked too soon!

2.  Porridge.  I write this like i ever stopped eating it for breakfast over Spring and Summer.  I most certainly did not BUT this week i've been enjoying adding cinnamon, cardamom and hedgerow blackberries AND drizzling it with local honey.  There's nothing more worth getting out of bed for as far as i'm concerned.  It's the only reason.

3.  Puppy cuddles.  An actual rarity.  This gal just wants to go, go GO at a million miles an hour and is still finding her way quite a lot of the time with those puppy teeth!  BUT if you get her first thing on a morning or last thing at night - the sweet spot is usually right before we got to bed and have to wake her up to pop her in the garden - she is THE sweetest most cuddly floppy little chocolate bean  and i just hope she'll be like that a lot more as she gets bigger.

4.   Tea.  Steamy hot tea drunk a lot more hurriedly than ever used to be AND usually with one eye on a puppy in the garden who wants to eat ALL of the 'Everythings' and the other on where the nearest poo bag might be.....How times have changed.  There's something quite nice about hot tea drunk in the garden in your pyjamas as the sun rises....

5.  Challenging oneself.  Even if i wouldn't have actively volunteered to do a presentation at work and have sort of been rail-roaded into it, it has been rather nice doing something outside of my comfort zone and re-remembering skills i only really used last when i was a uni and THAT was far too long ago to admit to now.  As for how the standing up infront of people will go....well i guess i'll let you know....

*  *  *

And i'm DONE! Short and sweet this week and tip-tapping out as fast as my little fingers will let me!  I hope you don't mind...?!  I'm mere seconds away from that oven timer going off and i can hear that puppy dog scampering about downstairs!

But go!  Go and fill your hearts with more wonderful and more Wednesday and skip right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's to catch their very own take on #wonderfulwednesday.

And i'll be more wordfully back this time next week....

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #235

{Dipping my toes into autumn...and very happy about it! Hello September!}
I'm BACK!  This week has been a blur of working six whole days in a row and of busy-ness, and actually having to stop for a second a wonder if i'd missed this weeks post altogether!  Phew.  Am i allowed to be secretly glad that since as it's now September i can legitimately add 'Autumn' as a label to my post since as i don't mind telling you i've been itching to for too long to admit to.  How are you?!  Tell me about your week and what's been good and great and damn right wonderful.  The start of a new season is the perfect time to notice the littler lovelier things and to be grateful for them, don't you think?

Let's list!

1.  That light.  Here we are only just into September and this is already the second time i'm wittering to you all about The Light.  Who knew a season could make such a difference but i've most definitely felt the flip of the autumnal switch these past couple of weeks which makes any kind of sunlight just more.....magical. It's the way it casts a glow, creates a shadow and even the shades of sunlight and sunset have more warmth and golden-ness.  It's also the most fleeting kind of a light:  The 'blink and you really WILL miss it' and the kind that if you're lucky enough to be caught in, you really owe it to yourself and the light to just stop and be.  I'm keeping so much crossed that this autumn is bathed in all of the golden glow!

2.  Morning routines.  You know me and my routines!  Well haven't they been tipped all kinds of upside down and inside out since the arrival of Miss Ness!?!  Turns out it's taken its time but we've found our new ones and the morning one is now my favourite.  I get up at 6am make me a cup of tea and that little bear her breakfast and then we have a bit of garden time {me with a hot mug of Lady Grey and her with....well usually a rope tied to a ball!} and then we have a little cuddle on the sofa with a rope toy to chew and then i tuck her back up in her crate whilst i get sorted and the Mr gets up.  She'll usually have a little sleep and then sit and watch me eat my porridge. It's the sweetest company!

3.  Firsts.  It feels like there's been a lot of puppy 'firsts' this week:  First time meeting a proper real life other dog that wasn't in the vets {a frenchie who wanted to snuffle and snort all over her which she wasn't so keen on and mostly had a little bit of a cry!  And then a border terrier in the park today which she gave a little nose kiss too but then mostly wanted to hide behind my legs!} and then first walks!  This has been the big one:  She's been so good and minus wanting to eat a fair few leaves and sticks and be a bit...all over the place - she's been really good and is loving a little adventure!  It feels like she's got lots bigger this week too!  Where does the time go?!? Where is my teeny tiny 'couldn't get on the sofa' puppy?!?

4.  Cool misty mornings.  The kind where there's dew on the grass, the air feels a little bit damp and you can just smell autumn.  They're my favourite.  They're just made for hot tea and porridge; for cardigans over pyjamas and for slippers.  And that's making my whole heart full and happy right now.  

5.  Hugs.  Not to be sniffed at and something that isn't mentioned enough or rated highly enough either!  I've worked for six days in a row and sometimes a great big hug at the end of those few days is all it takes. That and the promise of two days off together.  And maybe a puppy snuggle. 

6.  Nuts and chocolate.  I've really been craving chocolate this week - i think it could be the tiredness of the six days in a row at work.  Somehow i've been fine all week but the tiredness only really hit me on Monday in one great big tired-al wave.  See what i did there!?!  I've 'fixed' it the last couple of nights with hot tea, brazil nuts and few squares of my favourite Green and Black almond milk chocolate.  Sometimes you've just got to listen to your body.

7.   Being met from work by the Mr and that crazy little spaniel by surprise on Tuesday.  It was the first time i'd seen her out in the great big wide world on her big girl lead and i almost had a lump in my throat!

8.   Family.  Mine are spread out all over the place and this week i've been feeling a bit lonely!  Thank goodness for Whatsapp.  And for reassuring words and kind messages.  And here's also for making time in the diary for plans and meet ups and holding tight onto that time and not letting it slip by quite so quickly!

*  *  *
And it's all done and dusted and listed for another whole week of lovely!  This week's post has been written in a haphazard and uninterrupted fashionThat mostly always happens when there's four legs that wont keep still and supper to make and posts to write and messages to reply to.  And just like that here we are for another week!  If you made to hear, consider this a virtual hug. 

Make sure to stop by  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's #wonderfulwednesday posts and catch up with them and their lovely lists of happy too wont you?  You can never have too many and reading them is the biggest hug of your heart and sort of inspires me to be even more grateful.

See you in seven days! 


Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #234

{that early morning golden light!}
Oh hello YOU.  How the devil do you do?!  How is it Now?!  Where have the past seven days even gone and HOW are we on the very brink of September no less?!  It could be one of my favourite months you know:  First berries:  Blackberries, Elderberries and Hawthorn to name but a few.  Dew on the grass, a nip in the air first and last thing and time to dig out my favourite tan chelsea boots to wear for the forseeable.  Yes it's the end of such a wonderful summer BUT there's something about a new month and especially September because no month has 'new start' written all over it quite like this one does.  I mean people can say what they want about January and 'New Year this, New Year that' but September is my fresh page for always!

Let's list shall we?!

1.  Losing track of the immaterial.  I cant believe where lately has gone.  I mean, i even more can't believe where lately has gone!  Maybe {probably!} it's those two brown ears and little brown legs that have made lately seem one great big whirlwind of emotions BUT i know that each day lately my heart has felt full and i've dropped into the deepest sleep each and every night as soon as my head has hit the pillow.  I haven't checked a 'New In' section on a website or spent money on anything that i or the puppy dog couldn't eat over the past few days and that feels sort of nice, you know!?  

2.  That golden glow.  Don't be surprised if that's not the last you read of that sentence on these here pages of the internet.  The temperatures have dropped 'some' degrees this week - i for one am enjoying the cooler nights and a much crisper breeze tickling my cheeks last thing at night and first thing on a morning BUT what was extra, extra lovely was Tuesday morning's walk to work.  I awoke at 6am to such a dark and dismally grey morning, and a little lurch in my tummy that only the loom of those dark Autumn mornings can bring and upon leaving the house an couple of hours later, was met with THE most golden glow and great big ball of orange in the sky.  It cast the prettiest autumnal glow on each and everything it touched as i walked to work and it filled my little heart right up!  

3.  Sauerkraut and gherkins.  Sandwiched in between torn up spinach, mustard, left over chicken breast and a little cherry tomato sliced.  All pressed in between a flat bread and gobbled down for lunch for at least the past five days.  Made up on the spot and a new all-time favourite!

4.  Compote dreamin'.  I neglected a handful of plums and now they're so over-ripe and soft that i daren't move them from the bowl on the windowsill that they're currently residing in.  It's okay though. Tonight is Tuesday night, and tomorrow is Wednesday and i'm off all day.  There is grand plans to make a spiced plum compote for stirring through creamy almond porridge and the thought of it alone is making me all kinds of hungry!

5.   Those sweet sleeps.  She's more of a micro-napper throughout the day that little Ness bear.  We do little plays mixed in with little sleeps and that suits us just fine until she's big enough to go out on a lead.  But come 9:30pm all she wants is to lie on her back, legs wide open and little paws crossed in her little bed in her crate and sleep, sleep sleep.  She's so sleepy on an evening that i often have to lift her back up the back step after going to the toilet before bed because she quite often falls up it!  But those star-shaped sleeps......we sit and watch her and just laugh so much!  Little chocolate bean you have our hearts well and truly!

6.   Hummus spread thickly on toasted dark rye bread and dunked in tomato soup with a handful of toasted seeds.  Easy-peasy and SO comforting!

7.   Hot chai tea before bed.  It's that time.  I bought a massive 'Smoked Vanilla' candle way back when and we light it most evenings after supper.  I have a hot shower, throw on my pyjamas and we make chai tea and dunk shortbread in it.  Maybe that's why i've been sleeping so soundly!

8.  Helen!  Last week i met Helen!  If you're a regular around these parts {or a #wonderfulwednesday writer!} you'll know the Helen from Roast Chicken and a Country Walk blog. She popped into work to say hi to me as she's up this way doing some work and it was SO lovely!  And a little surreal!  YAY TO THE INTERNET! And to #wonderfulwednsday s!

* * *   

And it's all tick, tick, ticked off for another week of listing the best bits!  Another seven days which have whooshed by within a blink!  I swear to goodness that the year actually gets faster and faster once January and February are beyond us, don't you think?!
Go hop, skip and jump right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's to catch more #wonderfulwednesday joy!  And we'll catch up same time next week.....?!  

How does that sound!?


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