Thursday, 7 March 2013

New + Shiny

Days off are precious. To be treasured. Stretched out and every second savoured.  More than one in a row and its extra special.  When i do have a few days off, i am so very easily pleased.  I simply just love burying myself in time.  Time, time, time and more time to just dilly dally along at my own speed (which contrary to popular belief is not always one squillion miles per hour.  That is just MMPH - Monsoon Miles Per Hour), taking everything in and sleeping and waking when i please.

I dont need fancy pants surroundings, or to spend alot of money, or to be busy every single second.  I quite enjoy just spending my time.  Not rushing and racing through everything at break neck speed, bruising my knees and elbows as i go.  I spend 99.9% of my life missing it all - all the little things, the precious little things that time brings; because i am constantly going, being or doing something.

This week the Spring sun shone and it just made everything better.  Everything the sun tickled, smiled.  The world is brighter, happier and more special with just a few rays of sunshine - even if you do have to wait for Jack Frost to melt away before you brave it mitten-less.  It was a few days to be brighter, bring Spring inside with fresh flowers; enjoy the smell of wet morning grass and layer up in the brightest things imaginable and spend long afternoons curled up with trifle and new magazines.  

On the days where clouds were inevitable, it meant it was excusable to spend longer in bed; to tidy up - wash linen and enjoy its soapy soft perfume filling our little somewhere.  And for freshly washed hair;  the beginning of new books and treats in softer colours - and for cuddles.

Oh and a 'hello and how do you do?' to a Hawaiian print dress.  Not loopy.  Thoughtfully pondered and considered for a good few weeks now.  And totally and completely wearable with brown clunky ankle boots and a massive oversized chunky cream jumper and tights.  

Sometimes a gal can have a little too much time on her hands...


  1. Lovely pictures :) I really like that Hawaiian-print dress.

  2. Your photos are always so beautiful! xx

  3. Love this post.... How amazing does your hair look in the photo xx

  4. Such a wonderful post :) This is exactly how I feel when I get time to myself, I just love to feel involved with the niceness of it hehe :) I took the day off today after the traumas of yesterday and have been updating my CV but really enjoyed it! It's so true how much happier the sun makes everything! Your dress looks lovely :) xxx

  5. Stunning pics as ever! I also love your polka dot head band! x x

  6. I feel like I'm always on the go, so when I have a moment to myself I have to admit I do kinda just... sit there. Not ideal! I'm glad you spend your time much more wisely than me, aha.

  7. That dress is gorgeous! Love the daffodils, so welsh! :) Wish I did something for St. Davids now.. but theres always the games!
    Erica xo

  8. Days off are the best, especially if there's a bit of sun involved! I love that dress :)

  9. i loooooove days off. Saturdays are so lovely. Even the word Saturday is fluffy and beautiful like blue sky and clouds


  10. Great post!!
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  11. Day's off go by so fast...its almost cruel! Its always important to take in the small things (although it feels impossible sometimes!). Great pictures, Looks like you've had a lovely time :)

    Sarah XxX

  12. I'm loving this dress so so much ! + your lovely hair :)
    My days also go so so fast. eh.



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