Monday, 4 March 2013

Hair Bear

Currently experiencing a hair dilemma.  I have an unexplicable urge to have my hair chopped into a parisian-esque bob.  When i was little we (my sister and i) always had our hair in matching little bobs with fringes and were never allowed it long as it got into such rats tails and we cried whenever it had to be washed/dried/combed/touched.  So quite where this idea has erupted from i do not know.  

Naturally since not being little i have always been hell bent on growing my hair longer, but because i didn't look after my hair properly for a very long time, it refused to grow past my shoulders.  Now i am older and much more sensible and healthier (there's a phrase i never thought i would hear myself say), my hair is much much better and as a result, quite a bit past my shoulders now.  I just don't really like it when it is down.  I only really enjoy my hair when it is tied messily on top of my head in its crazy haphazard way, or if i have a scarf tangled up in it somehow.  

Its a hard life full of dilemmas.  i will be sure to keep you updated.  

In other news, today is Monday.  I love a Monday off work - i don't mean to rub it in but is it is one of my very favourite days to have off, apart from a Sunday. And it is officially Spring (unless you have just watched the weather but let us just ignore everything post Wednesday shall we?).  

I rode to this and did a little happy dance in the park amongst the beautiful purple crocus' just because.  And then enjoyed buying the reddest strawberries in the world and the prettiest little bunch of daffodils.  I can't wait for them to open.  My afternoon was spent in my favourite slouchy cream jumper and floral-ly printed trousers making our little somewhere spick and span. And then some two-ing and fro-ing as to whether i required this little gem in my life.  It's still in my 'basket.'


Tonight the Mr is practising at the Brickyard and so i currently have Maroon 5 up very loud (ssh) and a cleaning date with the bathroom before a lovely long soak in a lavender-y bath and then some maple and raisin pancakes and Girls to watch (with possibly a Hawaiian print dress in the mix somewhere too).  

PS - i may be sat typing in my underwear having only wrote this post but an hour ago with wet hair dripping down my back but i don't care because the daffodils are opening I SAID THE DAFFODILS ARE OPENING!! Already!!

PPS- I have just ordered above mentioned dress. Whoops.


  1. You have such lovely hair, but I love the sound of the bob too xx

  2. Ooh go for it, a bob would definitely suit you :) you should share your pancakes with me to make up for the fact that I'm not lucky enough to have Monday off work! xxx

  3. love it!



  4. love your blog, i've just followed :) xxxx

  5. <3 your furry hat and the focus on your pictures :)

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  6. I love your hair! But I totally understand the urge to cut it into a bob. I've been toying with the idea of cutting mine into a long bob too, but I'm sure I'll regret it! Your evening sounds lovely!

  7. Your hair looks beautiful long. But cutting into a bob would be cute also! Thanks for sharing! M&K at

  8. Yoi are so cute so I just can't. Your hair are awesome. Your photos are more than perfect <3 <3 <3



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