About Me

HELLO! First things first, if you are here i want to say thanks lots for visiting.  Im SALLY, and for as long as i can remember i have loved to write, and indulge my creative side in as many ways as i can.  I love getting dressed - weird as it may sound - and anything printed and beautiful makes me heart skip a beat a little bit.  I have an unhealthy addiction to Lady Grey tea, walnut whips and would quite like it if i could eat breakfast three times a day and miss out lunch and tea all together.  I like to spend my time creating moodboards, going for rides on my beautiful Pashley Penny pushbike and day dreaming.  

I work full time as Assistant Manager for Monsoon Accessorize and live in a pretty little attic flat with the Mr, who spends most of his time making guitars.  And when he is not doing that he is playing or teaching guitar to the world. And when he is not doing any of those things, we are mostly curled up on the sofa being silly and drinking tea.  
This is my little space to document my little creative journeys and keep them somewhere safe to look upon on rainy days.  I hope this blog entertains those of you out there who know the real me, and also those in Carlisle who endlessly comment on my tights/clothes/hat/hair/bag etc….Thank you lots.  You are all a lovely inspiration to why this blog has landed!