The Power

I am a big advocate of the SIMPLE.  That said, if i am feeling a little less 'me' than i usually feel, i can be very easily swayed by the more materialistic things among our little world.  If i have had a bad day i am far more likely to buy a complexly flavoured body 'souffle' over my usual baby lotion.  I can quickly convince myself that i require a Lush face mask if i am tired and haven't slept well, despite knowingly being able to whip up my own with a few cupboard staples.  And i've been known to often buy something on a whim in a bid to turn my frown upside down.  To say my second wardrobe is bulging at its doors would be an under-statement.  Infact the door wont actually close anymore.  It's easy to forget THE POWER.  The power that the very small things can have without you even realising and that sometimes it really is all you need.  And in most cases it doesn't have to cost the earth, if anything at all.  I am writing this when i am having a 'GOOD' day. 

The power of PLANTS, FLOWERS and all that is green.  I bought these little Anemones reduced in the supermarket for a few pence over a pound at the end of a very wet day.  Since its been pretty grey most days, albeit  peppered with the odd ray of sunshine, i have yearned for green and colour and at such a bargain of a price, these devils cheered up my day no end.  
The power of CLEAN SHEETS after a hot afternoon shower.  I love wandering into the bedroom and the air smelling so gently of soap powder and incense.  After my afternoon shower (which also felt like a bit of a luxury), curling up in here listening to London Grammar in the softest jumper and slouchiest jeans i could dig out was pretty much heaven.
The power of COLOUR.  The greyer the days get, the brighter the colours and the crazier the prints are that i am drawn to.  If that is even possible.  I am still pairing most outfits with black tights, slim leg black jeans and layering my heart out with cotton vests and soft woollen scarfs, but i am just making sure that i am pulling out those brighter bits.  It's amazing how much use you can get out of slightly lighter pieces just by some clever layering.  I am also finding that i am drawn to much brighter foods aswell. I'll get my vitamin D somewhere just you wait!  We have been crunching and munching our way through finely sliced beetroots, the most orange sweet potato wedges you have ever seen and bright rosey red and crimson apples are a regular in the veg box lately.  I am feeling better already.
Which brings me nicely onto my next power-fetcher:  The power of DOING IT YOURSELF.  I have been lucky to have a few days off recently and it is much much easier and more enjoyable when you have got time to think and prepare and potter on with creating bright and cheerful things to eat.  I have really been trying to MAKE much more from scratch.  When the nights are dark early and the weather grey and grizzly, its easy to fire a pizza in the oven.  But if you can spare an extra half hour, most things (with the exception of say, a chinese banquet for five) can be made from scratch in not much more time or money.  Pizza dough is easy peasy lemon squeezy to make.  I spent an afternoon making rhubarb and rosewater compote, poaching mixed apples and finding bits and bobs to make a thai green curry and peshwari naan breads for tea last night.  Next on my list is sourdough bread, brown soda bread, lemon and ricotta filled pancakes and a little twist on banana bread for a breakfast treat. 

The power of the SUN.  This ones a no brainer.  Because it has been so horrid and nasty mostly always of late, whenever the sun has come out, no matter what i have been doing, i have tried my best to get out and about in the fresh air.  Within reason obviously. Spending even ten minutes in its pretty golden rays and any bad feelings can be quickly forgotten.  You almost forget how much more beautiful the world looks in the sun.
The power of PUDDING.  I am not advocating we all sit home each night and pile puddings into our cheeks.  You wont be thanking me then!  I try to be good and eat a little bit of everything as that is always my mother Tangle's philosophy:  'A little bit of what you fancy does you good.'  So if i really want pudding, i have pudding, once or twice a week.  I savour every last mouthful and for once in our little somewhere and to the Mr's relief:  there is silence.  This pear and almond tart with madagascan vanilla double cream was BLISS.  Well you can't always make everything…not when M&S do a pretty good job for a quick fix…
The power of THE SEASONS.  I am trying to be much more mindful of the seasons.  To appreciate how our world changes and what those changes are.  This was a pretty spectacular (and rare) example of a Spring day.  But i have been trying to keep my head up in the rain and marvel at those snowdrops; notice the extra moments of light on an evening even if my face is buried in a heavy scarf because it's blowing a fifty-squillion mile per hour gale and take note of the sound of bird song on those lighter mornings.
The power of PORRIDGE.  Now i know not everyone in the world celebrates oats and milk as enthusiastically as me (hey i love toast JUST as much) but there is something so delicious, comforting and fuelling about this simple combination of milk and oats.  Whether you adore toast, croissants, fruit and yoghurt or a big fat bacon sandwich, make tiiiime to sit and eat breakfast and to enjoy it.  I adore my duvet and could quite happily hibernate if i could get the time off work, but i make a conscious effor to get up fifteen minutes earlier just so i can make a good breakfast.  If i sleep in and have to eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich whilst running to work my day just goes downhill from there. and i just don't quite feel right.   
The power of PANCAKES.  This is sometimes our weekend breakfast.  Last weekend the Mr worked all weekend when i was off.  So I ate his too.  I like to make a different, more special breakfast on the rare occasion i am off of a weekend. And pancakes well they don't need much more of an explanation.  Who doesn't like pancakes?! 
*     *    *  
Sometimes you just need to enjoy what you have already got and realise the POWER in all the little things that make you happy, whatever they may be. 

What would be on your list?