Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 6

Hello, how-do-you-do and how the very well are we? As you read this i shall be back at MONSOON TOWERS after seven days of jollies.  Not jollies like actual holibobs, just general time off for no apparent reason.  It felt a little self indulgent if i am honest.  Largely because i had no big plans and i knew that the Mr would be working his socks off for the most part of it.  But sometimes its quite nice to just enjoy your own company, do all those little jobs that you never normally entertain (i did sort of enjoy standing on top of the work top with a big feather duster playing 'catch the cobwebs-hope they dont contain spiders' game.  I also met friends for dinner and various coffee dates and did MANY two-wheeled laps which means it completely doesnt count that i have probably consumed twice as much as food as usual.  MANY things have been jolly good so far this week…

1  Meeting one of my closest friends and her pretty little two year old little girl.  Having a little catch up and realising how much she is growing up and how very clever she is.

2  The smell of the RAIN mixed in with the flower-y scent of shampoo on a misty, damp cycle home from town on Monday.  For a change it was less of the howling wind and torrential rain that we have all been used to and a little more the damp, misty 'in the air' sort of wet which was actually quite nice.  It reminded me a little of summer rain.  If you forgot that i was wearing many layers and mittens still.  

3  Watching FILMS in the day.  For me that is absolute luxury.  It's rare i can justify such a treat during the day but there have been a few I have had on my radar for a little while now.  I finally watched 'Never let Me Go' directed by Mark Romanek and written by Kazuo Ishiguro, who also wrote the acclaimed novel.  It stars Keira Knightly and Carey Mulligan and is a really beautiful story - i wont bore you with the details.  I also watched a film called 'Julia and Julia' which was about cook Julia Child's life story sort of intertwined with a food blogger's task of cooking all the recipes from her book in a year.  It was such a lovely story! And a real treat being able to curl up with a blanket, biscuits and an endless supply of tea on a wet rainy afternoon.

4  More carefully prepared LUNCHES.  I am usually good with remembering to take my lunch along with me to work but there is a limit on what you can do in a hour.  And i find it hard work knowing what i will want a few days before i eat it.  My usual lunches are largely based around cous cous, roasted vegetables and protein of salmon or chicken.  If i am feeling frivolous i sometimes splash out on some rainbow trout.  Being at home all week has meant i have made the effort to make lovely lunches.  Particular favourites have been smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on sour dough and baked beans piled high on sour dough toast with a generous helping of buttery wilted spinach and grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.  Comfort food has definitely been the order of the day given the grey and damp days we have long been suffering. 

5  Planning pancake recipes.  Yes i am that sad.  Can you tell i have had time on my hands? Pancake day (TUESDAY 4TH MARCH incase you have been living under a rock!) is one of those days that always surprises me.  It has been quite a delight researching interesting and exciting recipes for us to try next week.  I am going to keep the winner under wraps for now as i may write about it later next week.  I am EXCITED.

6  Making various COMPOTES and getting excited at breakfast treats to come.  On Tuesday i made the River Cottage rosewater and rhubarb compote which by the time you read this i shall have likely shovelled into my chubby cheeks after piling it high on my morning porridge.  After a week off, girl needs motivation to climb out of duvet-land no?  I have also knocked up some poached apples of all different kinds, as a little experiment.  I am usually a bramley-apple-only sort of apple poacher.  I have big plans for these seasonal gems.  

7  Sleep.  I think i have used this as a 'Wonderful Wednesday' before.  I don't care.  After having seven nights of at least ten hours sleep i feel like i look at least a year younger.  I really MUST get to bed early of an evening!

8  Dreaming up some DIY plans.  Despite me owning the most beautiful metallic Boden brogues known to man (if you peep here often you shall know the pair), i have an urge to jazz up some older brogues with spray paint.  I am EXCITED.  I have also stocked up on cold water dye and i am planing to dip dye some bedding and cushions.  And finally i hope to turn my tresses baby PINK.  Just temporarily.  I want to wait until i am not wearing a winter hat each and every day though.  COME ON SPRING!!!

What has been making your week WONDERFUL? I would love to know!


  1. ooh pancakes and compote. send me recipes! x

  2. Sounds like a lovely week, sometimes it's so nice to just do nothing :)


  3. I'm excited about Pancake Day too :D Although I'm awful at making them so we have some ready mix .. isn't that awful?! :s I'm planning on having cherry pie filling and cream with mine :D Just have to convince my boyfriend to come home for dinner cos he usually works late on a Tuesday! x

  4. Loved this post! That Rhubarb and Rose compote sounds AMAZING I am going to have to look it up. I know how you feel about films in the day, it is such a nice feeling to snuggle up and have a bit of me-time when you'd usually be at work. During school holidays I love having little sofa afternoons. I enjoyed Never Let Me Go as well, it was an interesting story line, plus I just love Carey Mulligan. I also enjoyed Julie and Julia, again it was something a bit different, and I love both actresses. xx



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