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Happy FRIDAY to you all.  And what better day for an inspirational collection of images for your beautiful faces.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have witnessed my SLIGHT obsession for all things dip-dyed and NEON of late.  I am sorry.  I have somehow gone from somebody who 'can't really get into Pinterest' to someone who spends every waking hour on there! Well that may be a slight exaggeration.  If you don't follow me and like the look of my little collage posts, you can find me HERE .  
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I have really been feeling inspired by little flashes of neon and dip-dyes in fluro anything and everything.  Whilst i am a serious print lover and worshipper, i am not as colour confident so this sudden burst of brights and saturation is rare for me.  Infact the last time i even went near NEON was sometime in the 90's.  And quite frankly the less said about me and my LIME green cycling shorts the better.  I am so tempted to inject a little NEON into my life right now.  I am not sure if it was the sudden (and fleeting) burst of sunshine we had at the start of the week, but it has left dreaming only in NEON.  So far on my NEON to-do list are:

*  Turn my whole hair pale pink.  And then i rather fancy chalking the ends fluorescent pink.  Just for extra BRIGHT. Too much? I feel like this needs to be done when it is less of the winter hat weather though.  Although i am now beginning to think how fabulous pink hair would look with my angora pale grey slouchy beanie hat...

*  To dip-dye some older printed items.  I love the idea of dip-dying something that is already quite complexly printed.  I tried this on an old Accessorize silk scarf last summer and it looked beautiful.  I am thinking of trying it on some cushions for the bedroom or a couple of old printed smocks, maybe even some paisley pyjama bottoms.  What do you reckon? I think a super duper bright ORANGE or PINK would really pop.

*  To get creative with fabric paint and wooden stamps.  I think i am going to up-cycle some old white tees and shirts with some NEON fabric paint.  I am conjuring up ideas of spots, stripes or beautifully written words.

*  Lastly i really would love to dip-dye some bedding.  Since most of our bedding was rather expensive and is a bit too beautifully printed to DIP-DYE, i am hoping to stock up on a basic white cotton set and get dip-dying my little heart out.  I imagine it to look LOVELY with our current prettier, even floral or paisley printed bedding.  I am excited to mix them in with what we already have.

This whole post has got me excited and inspired beyond belief.  I almost feel like i am fizzing NEON! What do you think?  Have i gone mad?  What is your favourite idea or should i just go for the whole lot?!