Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 8

Hello and how may i ask do you do? Blimey i am whacked.  Yesterday was my first day off in eight days and so do please forgive a little weekend QUIETNESS on this little place! Said weekend was largely spent with my head on the Mr and my nose in a magazine!  But i am feeling much much better and looking forward to another day off on Thursday and ticking off all of the things that i didn't quite deem important to do on Tuesday.  Time for an injection of smiles and inspirational good stuff world!  Are you READY?!

*  The above.  I feel as if i don't really need to explain to those of you who frequent here often and know me.  I severely ombre'd an array of cotton bits and bobs and i think my favourite might be the cushion covers.  This was so so easy to do and i am in love with the results.  I bought VIOLET (most of our bed-linen has purple in somewhere) and also flamingo pink.  That is just for me though.  I haven't quite figured out what i want to dip-dye shocking pink but i shall be sure to keep you updated.  If you don't see me coming first…

*  The smell.  That SMELL in the air that means Spring has sprung.  It's a scent thats hard to pinpoint, and difficult to describe.  It's almost like the days just smell longer.  The pretty smell of daylight on grass lingers, the mornings smell fresher, cleaner and full of smiles and optimism.  Even on those days when the Spring sun fails to shine, that indescribable scent of green and good and new shoots of life just fills the air.  I have been enjoying gulping it down and feeling those sun rays tickle my chubby cheeks.

*  Nutella on crumpets.  When you work that many days in a row BREAKFASTS need to be looked forward to.  Who am i kidding breakfast is the only thing that gets me out of bed! Towards the end of that long stretch at work, two crumpets oozing with chocolate-y hazelnut-ey goodness have been keeping that boat of mine floating along quite happily.

*  Chalking the ends of my hair shocking pink.  My hair is in terrible need of a trim and this little burst of COLOUR cheered it up no end.  Or is distracting me so much that i have forgotten my split ends! In fact it made me smile so much that i might consider keeping it a permanent fixture.  It makes my messy bed head mop look like i've made somewhat of an effort for a change.  

*  Lush Angels on Bare Skin.  I have used this product for yeeeears.  I had a brief pause in usage over the weekend as i had ran out and kept forgetting to bob in to Lush and get some. In only a couple of days i had a couple of little breakouts, which this little MIRACLE worker has now sorted.  It really is good stuff and i cannot imagine anything else keeping my skin so clear.  And cleansing my cheeks with something so full of goodness and smelling of almonds and lavender is rather therapeutic too. 

*  Mornings.  Yes you did read that correctly, your eyes have not deceived you!  MORNINGS have been my favourite time recently. I feel so much happier waking early when it is lighter, brighter and warmer and i don't have to wait for the heating to click on to know its safe to poke my head out from underneath he duvet! Getting up easier has meant a little more 'me' time in the morning.  Which actually means and more time to spend on breakfast, sometimes two cups of Lady Grey and a little moment or two to gather my thoughts for the day ahead.  

*  Bird song.  It has been the nicest feeling to knock off the alarm clock and lie there in daylight just listening to the birds SING to each other.  I have always wished i could understand what they are saying.  Sometimes its almost like a little conversation - an answer back and forth and a pretty little musical tune.  It beats the noise of cars, rain or wind any day!

I would love to know what has been making you happy this week - or if you write a similar positive little post leave me your link below.  I shall wish you all an especially WONDERFUL Wednesday and hope that your week is tootling along just nicely!


  1. I love this post! I completely agree with everything here. Especially mornings! I'm with you the smell, the light and the bird song are enough to get be leaping (ok leaping is a bit much, but a least stepping swiftly) out of bed in the mornings. I've been wanting to chalk my hair for ages but haven't got the courage. Does it work well? Breakfast has to be my favourite meal and I'm currently loving toasted cheese english-style muffins with butter. Great start to the day. Have a lovely week :)
    Kate xx

  2. You're such a happy little camper, it's fabulous :o)
    Agree about the soul lifting joy of not having to poke a toe out of the duvet to test the air first, so much nicer and the pooches even let me lie in til six this morning which is something to celebrate!
    Nutella and crumpets is something I must do, I'm a raspberry jam on muffins kinda girl but I can change...
    More Wonderful Wednesdays please
    M x Life Outside London

  3. I am loving these light mornings - it feels wonderful to be waking up with the sunshine and the birds each day. I have to try nutella-on-crumpets - it is something that I haven't had before but I am certainly sure that I will love it!
    Anna x thedustyatticblog



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