Thursday, 13 March 2014

Days Spent

Sometimes when you spend forever running from A to B whilst juggling a squillion other things and a pushbike, well it is rather nice to be a bit LAZY from time to time.  I have to be careful because on the odd occasion i have had the spare time to move that little bit slower, enjoy being in bed for an hour longer and a little linger longer over that bowl of creamy blueberry porridge; i could slip into a cosy coma!  
*    *    *
Today there was a little let up in that beautiful spring weather we have all been spoilt with, and on my second day off of the week, i awoke (like most of the UK it seems) to an icy blanket of thick FOG.  So i made a floral mug filled to the brim with milky lady grey and i hopped back into bed for another ten minutes.  Which by the time i had caught up on emails and various other things, sort of accidentally turned into an extra hour under the duvet.  But don't let that fool you into thinking that it's all been grey…

Since our brief dalliance of spring-time weather and bright blue skies, i have been forgoing porridge for muesli or granola with natural yoghurt and a sneaky crumpet or two with nutella and banana.  Todays grey BLANKET saw me digging out our little porridge pan and craving a bowl of purple berry filled goodness before i climbed upon those two wheels.  I have since (i say since, what i really mean is since mid-november) that i much prefer stirring a good handful of blueberries into the porridge just before it starts to thicken in the pan.  That way you are left with an oozy little VOLCANO of blueberry goodness rather than crunching cold berries in hot porridge.  I don't share these little gems with everyone you know.  

This mornings' foggy BLOSSOM-ey branches still looking all fancy pants and pretty and hollering spring right at me.  I have to be careful cycling of late.  I spend far too much time looking for blossom trees to photograph and taking my eye off the pretty little pavement in front of me.  I need to kick that little habit before there is a Sallytangle-shaped disaster!

Recent favourite get-ups.  At the very top was todays 'i will dress as bright, cheerful and not grey as possible' little ENSEMBLE.  I have also been falling in love with my most recent hat purchase:  an Accessorize candy pink angora boyfriend beanie.  Its a welcome change from my various fur cossack hats which are feeling a little too wintery lately.  I have also been ombre-ing my whole life.  No exaggerations! Incase you hadn't already noticed! I have chalked the ends of my hair candy pink, and then also discovered those gem of a pair of dark blue inky ombre Topshop tights. I love the effect with my Boden metallic brogues.  These little disco dancing shoes might be my favourite thing in the whole world.  My obsession with little snippets of NEON continues after digging out this pretty little bright white cotton smock speckled with just enough neon to stop me looking like a 90's throwback.  Paired with my ever-so-faded skinnies, its a perfect lazy afternoon at home get up.  Which is your FAVOURITE?
As i said, OMBRE anyone?!  These little gems turned out splendid after being swirled and twirled in a deep violet cold-water dye.  Amongst them are some old white cotton pillowcases, one or two cushion covers and an old printed smock top of mine that needed a little something to update it.  I can't wait to show you the end results. 

Afternoons at home are always spent with tea and some kind of accompaniment.  I have been so very much enjoying curling up with rose tea, mini egg walnut whips and a little mini egg or two for extra…protein?  I have finally got around to reading 'LUELLA'S Guide to British Style' which i bought ever such a long time ago.  Its such a beautiful book and illustrated so lovingly.  Its written by acclaimed fashion designer Luella Bartley and tells of her thoughts and musings on how British Style has come to be and how it is evolving.  It comes highly recommended!  
*     *     *
Tomorrow is Friday already!  This week especially seems to have whizzed past me ever so fast!  I hope to be back around these parts over the weekend, but i shall take a little moment now to wish you all ever such a lovely one! Lets all hope for some spring time sun!


  1. Sally, how do you always make life seem so perfect? I'm even jealous of your breakfasts...and the scrambled egg pic you put on insta today! Anyway, love the new hat, in fact I would quite like that myself!

    I'm impressed you always use a plate too for your walnut whips, I have a confession to make...I've never had a walnut whip, I'm not a nut fan so have always assumed I wouldn't like them!

    Anyway, hopefully see your face soon :)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who chooses breakfast according to the season, we've had porridge all Winter and when I announced to my boyfriend that it's almost time to switch to Summer cereal he looked at me like I was mad! Once we've finished the porridge I plan to eat bran with fresh fruit, honey and greek yoghurt every morning - SO good!

    Loving the pink in your hair, gorgeous x

  3. I have never thought to put blueberries in porridge, it looks and sounds delicious! I have been struggling with breakfast recently, but I have decided on Alpen (no added sugar) for now because last year I went through a phase where I would eat it day and night, it's so yummy!
    Anyway, your style is PERFECT. I was looking at these photos thinking yep yep yep yep oh my goodness there isn't a single thing I don't like! And your hair looks amazing with the pink in the ends. So pretty.
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Your cosy mornings are making me long for Sunday when I'll get a little bit longer in bed!
    N xo



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