Saturday, 15 March 2014

Find Me

Looking Up //
Always and with out a shadow of a doubt.  I am usually found in some sort of blossom daze.  Always looking up, not paying attention, bumping into things and not watching where i am going.  My spacial awareness disappears when it comes to skies and blossom.  not that i had any to start with

Cycling forwards//
Backwards.  Sideways.  Left to right.  Upside down.  Okay not upside down exactly.  But i take these two wheels whenever i can and even when i can't i try my damndest.  Because do you know, when its that beautiful out there and you get a day like the other day, it looks far far more beautiful from the two wheels of a pretty pushbike.  

Listening to this//
Anywhere and everywhere.  At home as loud as i can bravely turn it up without upsetting the neighbours.  On the way to work in the morning and trying hard not to sing at the top of my lungs and cartwheel across the zebra crossing.  No really.  I have never been a huge fan of Avicii but this track featuring Audra Mae just blows me away.  She features on quite a few tracks on the album and interestingly is also the great-grand-niece of Judy Garland. Don't say i don't know my stuff.  
Cutting and sticking//
Making an attempt at collecting my springtime inspirations on real paper in the form of mood-boards, which i adore dearly.  It's a little stripey as yet, but its in its very early stages!  And if you can't wear stripes in spring then when can you?  Err all year round actually. 

Eating// giant cous cous with roasted butternut squash, carrot, coriander and orange soup, muesli with orange yoghurt and blueberries, poached salmon fillet with watercress, maple and raisin pancakes and roasted sticky sweet beetroot as often as is possible.

Feeling// tired, restless, creative, in need of a holiday, yearning for the clocks to go forward, in love more than ever, content, inspired, full of ideas.

Inspired by//  neon (incase you hadn't already guessed!), natural fabrics, triangles, messy hair, fresh air, mis-matching print clashes and Alices' Adventures in Wonderland by C.C Lewis.  

What have you all been up to?!


  1. Spring blossoms are so gorgeous framed by blue skies aren't they? I don't blame you for getting lost looking up all the time! Messy hair and looking forward to the clocks going ahead are on my list, too!

  2. Sally just when I think your blog was the epitome of loveliness, you go and do this! This is so so so so lovely :) <3 <3 "in love more than ever" <-- made me GRIN :D keep happy xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Love love love the tree lined walk photo, it is like something out of a book and I also love that song xx

  4. Pictures of blue skies and blossom just cannot fail to cheer me up! There are blossom trees all down my road at home which are now all pink, it's so beautiful!


  5. Absolutely stunning photos, I was trying to take some of the daffodils in my Dad's garden earlier and failing miserably! x



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