Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday 'ness'

It is a fact universally recognised that MONDAYS are the most luxurious of days to be off.  You can take your Saturdays and your Sundays and do with them what you like, and of course that Friday feeling is felt by nine to fivers the world over.  But for me, as someone who mostly works weekends, having a Monday off is something else.  Even if I do work most weekends, Mondays are still usually met with the same slump as most, and that feeling that the w-h-o-l-e week is still to come.  So going to bed on a Sunday evening, safe in the knowledge that my alarm clock shall not be fizzing and whirring come 6:30 beats all of the Friday feelings in the world I can tell you.
* * *
This particular start to the week is even nicer, if you can believe it.  That is because I have the whole and entire lot, off work!! I would like to tell you all of the grand plans and exciting SPLENDOUR that i have up my breton-sleeves, but truth is, there is none really.  I have some odd jobs, but if the truth be told, I am excited just to sleep lots, get out each day on those two wheels of mine and potter about being CREATIVE.  I have a neon pink cold water dye under the sink that is just crying out to drench something in an ombre dip dyed embrace, and a wardrobe about to burst.  So i also plan to have a clear out and try to part with some of that dearly loved clobber of mine.  Today has been a SPLENDID start to my lazy week…
 ^beautiful WILD garlic^

^my COLOURFUmorning route^
Whilst i was hoping to be greeted with a bright blue sky when i opened my eyes at the luxurious hour of 9am, all was not lost.  Despite a mostly cloudy sky, the air was warm and lingered with the scent of last nights torrential downpour.  Even-though those damp clouds loomed overhead, i couldn't get enough of all of the green shoots, new colours and bright blooms that seemed to have poked their pretty heads through over the weekend.  There is nothing better than the aftermath of Spring rain.  The scent of green tickles your nose like nothing else and you can almost smell the dew and raindrops clinging onto the grass and leaves.  A heady sweet floral scent fills the air and everything feels so quiet and peaceful.  I soon forgave the weather on this mornings two-wheeled jaunt.

I TOOTLED around and about the park for a good hour, with only the birds, an awful lot of midgies and the odd dog walker for company, and then treated myself to a large cappuccino and a little wander through town where i picked up some fresh yellow roses which are now sitting pretty in our slanty-ceiling-ed livingroom.  

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading, writing and jotting down ideas for this little space, and nibbling leftover easter eggs and obligatory walnut whip (read:: pecan whip really - GENIUS?!?). Tonight we are off to stock up our empty cupboards and to find friends for the sad and lonely red apple in the fruit bowl.  Then i might just have time to squeeze in a candle-y bubble bath too…Heaven!  Tomorrow i am off to fill a brown paper bag with a bundle of wild garlic to make some pesto for later on in the week.  I am a little excited!

What have you all been up to?! Was your Monday BEARABLE?! I do hope so!


  1. This sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE. I know exactly what you mean about the monday blues even when you work the weekend I'm the same - there is just something awful about a Monday haha. Unfortunately I didn't get to spend my Monday doing wonderful things (roll on Friday which is my day off) but your post has definitely cheered me up! Have a lovely week xxx

  2. I love this post, and could live in your pretty pictures! As a fellow weekend worker, I agree that Mondays off are rather special. I tend to have my weekend as Wednesday and Thursday and it's lovely not having to share my days off with the rest of the world! Hope you have a lovely week off xx

  3. Your Monday was certainly much more lovely that mine! I also love those gorgeous sandals your sporting!
    Jen x
    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  4. I like time off with no plans too. Stuff always crops up anyway, but waking up and knowing you can do whateverrrrrr you fancy that day is an unbeatable feeling :) Have a lovely, lovely week xxxxxxxxx



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