Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 14

How do you do my dear and sweet faces?! WOWZEROONEY for once it actually feels like a little while since i have sat down and wrote a little list of all of the great and good.  I even had to check i hadn't missed one! I think because i am off work (incase i hadn't mentioned it quite enough already!) i feel like i have done alot other than just work.  Which i adore.  But normally the days, well they often merge into each other and suddenly SHAZAM its Wednesday! If we are all sitting comfortably lets get down to business shall we?

*  Working with BEYONCE.  Ha there's a sentence i thought i would never write! I jest.  Who doesn't love good ol' Queen Bey?! I love a good old mix of music and like everyone, what i choose to tickle my ears with depends alot on my mood and what i am doing.  Getting some work done from home this week has been the BEST excuse to play Beyonce loud and sing my little heart out.  Aint nowt better for spirit lifting hands down.

*  Morning CUDDLES.  Soppy i know but sometimes the Mr and I are like ships that pass in the night.  He often stays up later than me (my eyes give up by 10:30pm Monday-Saturday) and my alarm goes off way waaay before he gets up.  Now that this week i have been alarm-less.  That alone deserves its own bullet point but what it has meant is a luxurious 8:30am wake up, a lovely morning cuddle and sometimes a little mug of Lady Grey in bed.  Bliss.

*  New READS.  Yesterday i treated myself to the new Simple Things magazine and the Mollie Makes Home magazine.  What a treat to lazily flip through and fold over pages yesterday afternoon with a big mug of Lady Grey, a walnut whip and the sunlight streaming through our huge open windows.  

*  Wild flowers.  I love flowers, its no huge and whopping secret.  Whilst i admire those who spend hours in their neatly created flower beds, only to produce symmetrically perfect arrangements and borders, that's just not my bag.  This week was the first time i have been able to spot dreamy tangles of wild flowers out on those two-wheeled jaunts of mine.  It was so lovely to see the woods filled with bluebells, wild garlic blooms and daisies and clovers and so many others which i don't even know the name of but MAN ALIVE they were the dream.  I hope to sneak a little bunch for our livingroom whilst i am also 'sneaking' some wild garlic leaves…

*  My trusty Topshop SANDALS from last year.  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably know the ones i mean.  They are the softest tan leather flat sandals that just go with EVERYTHING in the whole world come this time of year.  I have been wearing them non-stop since the temperature has warmed up a little and have even ordered this years version for when those little gems eventually give up.  Thats love right there!

*  Fresh MINT and LIME in the iciest of water.  This little combo has been keeping my skin super duper clean, clear and my little self hydrated whilst i have been pottering about our little somewhere. It is the most refreshing way to drink lots of water, cos let's face it, getting your few litres can get a little boring when its just the usual naked luke warm H2O on offer.  I just fill a glass jug with water, chop a lime in half, squeeze a little in and drop the rest of it into the water.  Then i tear up some fresh mint a whack that in too.  Bob it in the fridge for half an hour and bobs your uncle. It tastes delicious.  Also nice with lemon and thyme, fresh strawberries and basil or mint and cucumber.  Stripey straw optional.  

*  EBAY.  I have been on Ebay fire lately.  It's not a sight I frequent all that much but the last week i have managed to find two BNWT (that's cool kid ebay speak comin' at ya!) summer dresses which i swooned over for far too long last year and that disappeared into Summer sale heaven far too quick for me.  We all love a well earned bargain.  

*  Flipping through my own MOODBOARDS.  I love that some of the moodboards in my scrapbook are easily three to four years old and that i still find relevance and inspiration in each and every one of them.  

*  Sitting on the GRASS.  To be more specific:  Sitting on the grass, in the sunshine, with a big cappuccino after Tuesdays' two-wheeled jaunt. It felt good.  Like Summer had landed.  And it was pretty sweet just watching people wander past with ice-creams, sandwiches or drinks and look all happy and smiley.  The sun just brings out all of the smiles in everyone doesn't it?  

What has been keeping that boat AFLOAT for you lovely lot this week then? I love to read your comments on these kinds of posts the most. 'Cos i am a nosey parker at heart.  Aren't we all?!

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  1. You've just made me realise I haven't sat on any grass yet this year ... this needs rectifying immediately!!!!

    Chloe x



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