12 Months - 12 Moments

2013 was the year of all sorts of goodness.  It was my second year of Sallytangle and sharing all that makes me happy in this little space.  It was a year for meeting some of the faces behind the blogs i read and feeling a little bit warmer inside because of it.  It was also year two of being in our own little somewhere and year three of being a special twosome conquering the world with tea and lots of love.  It was the year i landed my very first published writing job and my very own column in our local magazine.  It was the year i finally grew my hair long and then had it all chopped off - in typical me style.  

What will 2014 bring?  Who knows yet.  I am not much of a planner.  But i do know that this year is the last year of my twenties and i have a lot i want to tick off my list before that happens.  I want to say a huge, massive and just whopping thank you to each and every one of you who stop by here and cast your peepers over my nonsense.  If i could invite you all around for tea and walnut whips then i would.  I enjoyed sharing last years moments (HERE) so much that i thought that i would share some of my favourite moments from this year again too…


Snowdrops, paisley and the softest knits to warm the heart on an early morning bike ride.

Crisp frost, the first peepings of a crocus or two and air so cold it takes your breath away. 


Being on the other side of the camera and being caught catching the clouds on a sunday.


Finding a way to bring all of the blossom-ey blooms inside when Spring time outside just isn't enough anymore.  


Blustery wandering along the beach.  Hand holding, daisies and icecream. 


All of the green.  Flowers everywhere and the scent of damp roses tickling your nose on a warm summer day.  


Exploring the prettiest castle ruins and secret gardens followed by cake and tea.  A pretty perfect sunday spent.  


A lazy treat away for a few days in beautiful Harrogate.  The softest pillows, prettiest, windiest streets and the best company.  

A long weekend away in the middle of nowhere up in Scotland with the parents.  Time to watch rivers bubble along, share shortbread and coffee and talk and talk.  


Inspiration and new favourites in hat form.  Definitely my favourite and most worn purchase of the year.  It makes even me feel like one of the cool kids.


The best slice of Autumn pie that there ever was! Autumn in Cumbria this year was The Best.  It was just the right amount of cool, bright, dry and just darn right beautiful.  


The award for the prettiest smallest tree goes to us.  Christmas whizzed by me in such a flash this year, but there was plenty time for spiced cinnamon toast breakfasts, hot water bottles and chai tea and mince pies before bed.  
*    *    *
It has been a rather lovely year and i am grateful for each and every second of it.  Thanks so much for joining me for the ride…here's to 2014!