Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Sheets

Now should not be a time to feel glum or BLUE.  We spend November and December eating, drinking and being MERRY and so it is no wonder that January can feel so blue.  We spend so long planning, celebrating and revelling in the run up to the big day and then all of a sudden its all gone within a flash.  Suddenly we are back to the nine-to-five with the inside and out looking all the more bearer for it.  Trees stand tall, spiky and empty of their leaves; the days are short and the evening and darker hours stretch out in-front of us for far longer than we wish.  Inside our little homes feel empty:  empty of family and friends and void of the bright and brash of christmas decorations and warm glow of the fairy-lights.  Thats before we even get started on the fact that payday feels like it could be an eternity away.  
 But don't worry, i am not going to let those BLUES catch me.  I am determined.  I find myself longing for new shoots of life and signs that SPRING will happen.  Our little somewhere certainly feels bare and a little echoe-y without that special little tree, but it also feels clean and fresh.  I took a great pleasure in giving the floorboards a good sweep, reaching the cob-webs that hid behind the glow of the christmas tree lights and washing and cleaning all those hard to reach places.  The cinnamon and clove candles have burnt away and have been replaced with lighter fresher scents and i am particularly enjoying wearing my softest skinny jeans and a big oversized blue and white striped t-shirt inside today.  Even if it is raining sideways and half of the United Kingdom is on a flood alert. Right now all i can think is that i cant wait for daffodils on the windowsill and to have our big windows wide wide open.  
 Because January isn't so bad, you shouldn't be so hard on the little chap, he's got a pretty big act to follow after Mr fancy-pants December after all.  This month is about getting back to BASICS, learning to appreciate that love and fulfillness don't have to come from excess and the material.  Whilst it is wonderful to eat and drink and be merry and to give and receive presents until the cows come home; it is also okay to just be quiet and tell someone how special they are instead.  Sometimes when everything is stripped back to basics, thats when you get chance to be still and to enjoy the little tiny things that make us all appreciate being here in the great big world.  Whether that is a really good cup of tea, the smell of freshly washed sheets and clean hair, or just a rather pretty SUNSET.  It's your choice, and it can be anything in the whole world.   


  1. this post has put me in a very positive mood! I love your blog and your writing style, makes me feel like I'm talking to a friend!

  2. Although, Every dark cloud has a silver lining.
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