Monday, 13 January 2014

Just Stretching

There is nothing i love more than a long s-t-r-e-t-c-h first thing in the morning.  It sets me up for the day.  And i've got that feeling about now too.  Almost like the world is just stretching, uncurling and squinting through just one eye.  Winter time is a time for filling up, covering up and curling up ever so tightly.  Whilst i don't feel like we are anywhere out of the wintery woods just yet, i am enjoying feeling that warm optimism in the bottom of my tummy and the prospect of what SPRING time might bring.  
*    *    *
Despite hail stones, rain storms and wind so strong it almost blew me right across the city recently;  lately has had its redeeming moments too…
Celebrating all that is GREEN and good.  After so much rain and grey and grizzly wintery weather, nothing beats seeing GREEN again and feeling the sun on your cheeks - even if you are wearing three layers, two pairs of socks, tights, a scarf AND gloves.  

Sneaking in a floral cotton dress under all the layers, and a pale pink woollen bobble hat for good measure.  MARVELLING at how BLUE the sky was and how i can't remember the last time it looked so beautiful.  Feeling the cold chill of air hit the back of my throat and race down to my little lungs.  Two or three laps on a pushbike with mittens and i was more than ready for coffee and a flapjack.  I cannot tell you how good that fresh cold AIR felt.  

Noticing DETAILS again.  Its hard to keep a heads up approach when it takes all the will in the world just to remain upright and dry.  I sometimes wish i had a bottom-less cappuccino because i could wander this pretty city all day long.  

Battling THE MOP.  Sometimes we have good days, sometimes we have bad ones.  Sometimes we have days where one side is really good.  Mostly we have days when i look disastrously dishevelled.  Does anyone have Alexa Chung's hairdresser on speed dial?  I don't think i thought this through.  Don't tell anyone but i am sort of missing the days when i could pile it all on top of my head and stick flowers on top to disguise it.  I am sure we will fall back in love.  Maybe when i am not confined to keeping my ears warm and can wrap scarves and bejewelled clips in amongst the tangles. 

How are you ALL? How is your week looking?   


  1. What a lovely post Sally. Your images always make our little city look so beautiful.

  2. Oh so happy you twitted me and I got to discover your blog! This post is lovely, beautiful pictures and writing that made me feel oddly content! Think I'm here to stay.
    M x Life Outside London



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