Saturday, 26 April 2014

Currently 14

What is it about Spring/Summer attire that instantly has me feeling all BOHEMIAN, hints at Hippy and like i am the world's most trendy-Wendy?!  I have always had myself down as a bit of a HIPPY.  I can't get enough of the outdoors.  I love to breath in the green, feel the fresh air tingle against my skin and catch glimpses of wildlife.  My ideal holiday wouldn't be anywhere tropical or exotic.  I would much rather sleep in a yurt in the wilderness of Scotland under the stars.  Or meander around a beautiful European city in a floral maxi dress, a fedora and a tasselled bag.  

I am not the neatest in my appearance.  Whilst you can bet your bottom dollar i have thought long and hard about what i am wearing, i am still always a little bit rough around the edges.  Most of my most treasured items are pulled, bobbled and worn and LOVED until they are re-used, re-loved and re-made into something completely different.  I have a pile of printed lovelies ready and waiting to be cushion covers and pillowcases sitting right next to me as a type.  And don't get me started on hair.  Whilst i admire those who wash, dry and beautifully blowdry their hair on a day to day, that's just not me. I am a huge advocate of a good BED-HEAD, i adore my hair the most at least two days after washing it and the only part of me that will ever see straighteners, is my fringe.  And that's only on those days when it stands so  vertically up on end that i could probably tune into Radio One if i tried!

* * * 
While i am in no way as cool, EFFORTLESS and down-right gorgeous as these images, i couldn't help but be drawn to them.  Infact i love this laid-back, cool as a cucumber and mish-mash of thoughtfully patterned and printed delights SO much that i have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them.  If you don't believe me have a goosey gander HERE .

So who is she? This ethereal being i rant and rave and try to emulate ever so much!? She's cool. But not obvious, cool.  She dresses with such an admiral confidence: mixing and mashing all of the prints and all of the textures together to create a laid back 'i havent even tried' demeanor that's just heaven.  Her hair is mussed, tousled and shouts sex appeal without even trying.  She is brave, creative and daring in all she does.  She lives eats and sleeps music and immerses herself in it as much as she can. 

* * *
So next time you spot me galavanting about in a fedora, swishing my maxi skirts and stacking bangles up to my elbows, you'll know why. It makes me feel inspired, happy and like i am right at home.  And if you need me i'll be saving up all my pennies for next years Coachella festival...
* * *
What's your go-to STYLE? Have you got one?! How would you describe your 'LOOK?' Is it always them same? Or do you like to really mix it up?!? Are there any pieces you can't live without?!

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  1. I think you're cool and effortless Sally! I wish I could be, but I tend to just look a mess, rather than charmingly undone, if I don't make an effort. I'm trying to embrace the fact that "classic" is just what suits me best- and actually, I suppose there are worse ways to be...

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer



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