Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blooming Lately

It's been ever such a long while since we just TALKED.  You know just sat and talked about what's been going on.  Truth is that lately has been a little bit lovely.  I am a terrible 'season-cheat.'  When its Winter i throw myself full throttle into it, cover anything and everything in cinnamon and tinsel.  And i am adamant that it is my VERY favourite season hands down.  I EMBRACE all that it means, all that it brings and i can't even begin to think of anything other than just burying my head in it wholeheartedly.  Until Spring starts to peep through.  Then i drop Winter without a care in the whole wide world.  The very same can be said for Summer and for Autumn.  The truth is that really there are SO many beautiful reasons to love each season that maybe deep down i just love them all equally.  I do hope they know that.  
* * *
Lately it feels as if everything is jolly-dee.  I am back to those heavy, long and deep sleeps that i had been missing.  I think sleeping with the window open a tiny amount and a big floral mug of camomile and honey tea has been really helping. Days have been busy at work and EXCITING seeing the new Spring Summer ranges filter through and even more lovely putting in new window displays.  It feels as if there has been a real shift in the weather here up north - days have felt long, largely blue skied and perfect for getting out on those pretty two wheels of mine. 

Don't you find anything, everything and anyone feels and looks better with a BLUE sky?! It is impossible to be grumpy when you are surrounded by such beautiful bright blue skies and pretty blossom-ey BLOOMS.  I cannot get enough of the stuff.  My camera is full to bursting with various blossom-ey goodness and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon.  I love how it looks, how it FLUTTERS in the breeze and how pretty and cotton-candy-esque it looks when it all starts to fall from the trees.  We have had a pretty jam jar filled with some cuttings on our window-sill for the last few days and it's the loveliest thing to see.  If i had my way there would be a blossom tree on the edge of every street.  Can you imagine?!

I have been enjoying easing myself (read:: throwing myself) into a much more SPRING-ey wardrobe of printed blouses, soft printed blue jeans and oversized rosey knits and cheeks to match.  It seemed a bit too soon to dust of those floral garlands but with all of the blossom…well i couldn't resist.  It has felt lovely to wander to work in LIGHTER layers and i can't remember the last time i wore tights.  I even braved a bare leg, a tapestry trophy skirt and a lighter knit to work a few days back.  My woollen hats have been squirrelled away for Autumn and i have been using any excuse to wear last years khaki fedora. 

Easter Sunday was spent with the Mr up at my parents in Scotland.  After acquainting ourselves with their new puppy, we had the PRETTIEST wander along the coast and through a beautiful harbour village.  I always forget quite how much i love the coast until i go back.  My parents are lucky enough to live five minutes away from this sweet little spot.  Its a heavenly little place with the sweetest little gift shops, cafes and country pubs.  
Since the weekend i have enjoyed a few early evening bike rides which have been so BEAUTIFUL.  These lighter evenings make me so much more productive and i feel ever so rested and more relaxed because of it.  

How have you all BEEN? How did you spend Easter and have you been making the most of these lighter evenings too?!


  1. Beautiful, your posts never fail to make me smile ... even when I'm about to leave for work!

    I REALLY want to get back into bike riding, I haven't been on one for about 15 years. We're off holidaying in the Lakes in September so I'm thinking I may give it a go, they say you never forget how. :s

    Love your description of your Spring wardrobe, I feel like I might need to get some printed blouses .. I'm struggling with the wardrobe transition at the moment and keep getting it wrong. I end up too hot or frozen cold!

    Glad you had a lovely Easter

    Chloe x

  2. This was really beautiful writing.

    Your posts always make me appreciate the little things in life - and inspire me to take more photos!

    You've also made me want to dig out my flower garland, I'm sure its hiding in the back of the wardrobe somewhere......

    Have a nice day :) xx

  3. This post is lovely, the writing and the pictures it all flows so nicely. Im also a bit of a seasons whore, I fall in love with every season, but by the end Im dying for the next one to start. And its so true that everything seems better when the sun is shinning and the sky is blue, I just can't be sad. Im loving all the blossom as well at the moment, and seeing your bike makes me wish I had one to go on rides, although they're isn't many nice places around where I live. Im loving the blossom tho, so beautiful.
    Glad you had a lovely Easter. :)

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  4. Utterly, utterly beautiful as always Sally. I could look at these photos all day and read your words over and over xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. This post is too too beautiful. Where your parents live looks so gorgeous! And you are gorgeous too, lovely lady. (p.s I always feel that whatever new season we're coming in to is my favourite. Then the next one comes, and that feels like my favourite too. The curse of the British! ;)

  6. Lovely lovely post with beautiful images. I am also a fickle season lover; I don't think I could ever live anywhere other than here for that very reason!

  7. This post is just lovely! I am a season cheat just like you! I think it is the best way to be as we can embrace each season fully! xx

  8. Your blogs have an amazing ability to make me smile. I love your positivity, your overall cheeriness and, of course, your photos. Spring is a wonderful season, but like you I'm a sucker for any change in the seasons. I tend to stagnate as Winter drags on - once Christmas is done I'm ready to move on - it's not him, it's me... Also, I am totally jealous of your bike - I want to cycle along in the sunshine with the wind in my hair and my dog in the basket. I'm saving my pocket money :)



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