Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 13

Happy week dear BLOSSOM POSSUMS! How the bobbins is it just Wednesday?! I feel all kinds of mixed and jumbled up due to being off Good Friday, in the Saturday, off Easter Sunday and then working Sunday hours on a Monday.  I have 'Day Jet-lag' and don't argue 'cos I'm making it a THING starting now!  I feel like this week hasn't really begun and i am still attached to last week somehow…i digress.  For there are lots of things to smile about so far this week as there usually is…

*  A new PUPPY.  How can you not smile around a new puppy?! Unfortunately not our puppy.  No matter how much I tried to smuggle the little cherub under my jacket! My parents have just re-homed a 5 month old working cocker spaniel named Storm.  He is the sweetest little man. He is a shiny little black puppy with a big black nose and a little white diamond on his forehead.  How someone could have even let that little face go I do not know.  The Mr and I drove up to Scotland to spend Easter Sunday with my parents (and to meet the new arrival) and fell in love a bit.  He has a curly tuft of hair on his sweet little head that he loves you to scratch; he loves to jump up and dance with you but he is most happy when he is curled up on the sofa with his head on you snoring.  Serious puppy envy going on right there…

*  ROSE and VIOLET creams. An acquired taste i think but i adore them.  I treated myself sneakily to a little box a little while ago and forgot about them.  They are the perfect late afternoon treat with a little cup of Lady Grey tea:  All rich, sweet and decadently flowery and delicious.  The box didn't last so long…

*  Bargain-ous FLOWERS.  It went a bit like this:  On Monday i got so  excited after coming across PEONIES in our local M&S.  Until i picked up the bunch of four, and realised that they were £8.  EIGHT FLIPPING FLOPPING POUNDS!  Now i love flowers and usually treat myself us to a bunch once a week.  But i have my limits. Peonies are one of my very favourite flowers in the whole world.  They are a Summer flower though, and so they can be pricey when they first start to appear.  If i bide my time i shall be able to fill our jam jars soon I am sure.  What did make me feel better was stumbling across a MASSIVE bunch of red, yellow and orange roses in Tesco on the way home.  They were reduced from £7.50 to 75p.  Baaahahahaaa!

*  Stunningly beautiful early evening bike rides with only London Grammar in my ears. Or sometimes nothing but birdsong and a gentle breeze.  It is the PERFECT way to wind down, de-stress and just tidy away all of the lingering thoughts of the day into the right place.  

*  CLEAN bedding.  Is there really anything better?! I am one of those people who can't go to bed without a little bath or quick shower.  But having clean little self, clean slightly damp hair (perfectly allowed come the milder weather), clean pyjamas and a big clean fluffy duvet is the BEES KNEES beyond belief.  Throw a slightly open window into the mix and you have yourself the recipe for a sleep-filled night like never before, honest john! 

*  Granola with ICE cold organic milk and chopped banana.  Once we get a few days of sunshine in a row or the milder days start to peep through, i start to crave much colder, fresher breakfasts.  Whilst i am a little sad to abandon my morning ritual of stirring porridge over the stove; i am also quick to welcome an extra ten minutes in bed and a huge bowl of granola and icy cold milk.  I could eat a whole box of cereal.  Infact if it wasn't extremely frowned upon i would quite happily eat cereal for lunch and dinner too.  Before i lived with the Mr i could get away with it.  Now, well not so much.  My current favourite morning munch is Dorset Cereals Oat Granola or their Spelt muesli. Or sometimes a handful of each.  Mmmm!!

*  MIXING it up in the jacket, coat or cardigan department.  I tend to have one or two Winter worthy coats.  It gets cold up North and so a good Winter coat is essential.  But the milder weather means i can get away with a chunky cardigan, a sweet quilted floral jacket or a sweet little tapestry trophy jacket.  I love all of the opportunities Spring and Summer bring.  As a Brit, i know not to invest too much in Summer…just incase. That means i am well trained at layering and knowing what i can get lots of wear out of.  I have really been enjoying foraging through that Narnia-esque wardrobe of mine and digging out some old classics and wearing them a little bit differently this year.  Keep it up Blighty, i am really rather enjoying those blue skies!!

Tell me what has made you HAPPY so far this week?!  Are you a cereal muncher?  Have you been getting out and about in this milder weather?!? I would love to know!


  1. Puppies make me so smiley :) They have so much life and energy. I have a sprocker spaniel and he is just the cutest. He has that little tuft on his head too. Do you have piccys?
    You also make me crave yummy breakfasts! I just manage with a piece of toast usually which is a shame because I love breakfast. Maybe I'll just have to wake up a little earlier.
    I'll loving the weather where a cardi or jacket will suffice. I have even been braving the shorts recently!
    Lovely post as always. I looked forward to getting home from an early morning to read it :)
    Kate xx

  2. The bank holiday weekend has me all confused - I still think it's Tuesday! :S

    Well done on your Tesco find - I've never seen flowers as cheap as 75p before! I'd definitely buy flowers more often if they cost that little! x x

  3. Great list, it's a shame you couldn't smuggle Storm out though, puppies are the best.

    As for days, it totally feels like a Tuesday, I definitely can't get my head around it.

  4. I was baffled to find out that it is indeed Wednesday today. Only realised when I read this post. I've definitely had a Monday feeling today. Madness. Anyway, your list is utterly wonderful as usual and I'm so excited that you have a new bundle of puppy joy in your world :) :) even if you haven't smuggled him out of the country yet...hehe. Excellent work with the flowers bargain - I hope to fill my own home with flowers too eventually. Such a simple but lovely addition to brighten up any day. As is listening to London Grammar. Even even even better that you get to do that on two wheels. Lots of love to you xxxxxxxx



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