Friday, 10 May 2013

A Spring Reduction.

A long and sunny then not sunny week where i seem to have lost the art of making a half decent cup of tea, felt a bit seasick watching Life of Pi and have been endlessly and stupidly laughing until i cry at my own jokes - namely mimicking Masterchef, where everything is served with a whatsit confit, a this or that crumb, a thingy-ma-jig foam or a something reduction.  In other news...

Lately has been rather resplendent as we are now able to zip here and there often, since we now have wheels and the Mr can drive.  Sunday was filled with pretty little fruit tarts and visiting Ullswater and Airaforce waterfall and never really knowing where we were going or what we were going to.  The Mr would probably disagree with that.  It was a windy 'all around the houses' kind of trip, but it was most pretty. 

Eating Lovehearts and drinking strawberry milkshake.  A pleasantly welcome alternative to tea and biscuits.  I am much more of a chocolate gal if pushed, and i am never too fussed when it comes to sweet sweets, except for Lovehearts.  And possibly Percy Pigs.  Then i can make an exception.  

Birds nests, bicycling and bright greens.   Its so lovely to hear the birds in the morning and until late at night, and it has been super sweet spotting new nests atop the highest trees.  I am loving cycling more and more and more.  I have had Willow over a year now and cycled through each and every season, rain or shine.  I am falling in love with Spring all over again. And the very best way to see it all, is trundling along on my bike, fist thing in the morning or just before the sun goes to sleep.  Everything seems so much fresher, greener and brighter - it makes me want to wear the brightest colours i own too.

More and more train travel and time to spend a small fortune on magazines, and dream and think all the way there and all the way back.  Above, my favourite workwear of late. A beautifully soft cotton dip dyed inky blue fine knit, printed skinny jeans and an embroidered cream, red and green embellished jacket.

Outfits for rainy sunny rainy sunny sort of days and more new jumper appreciation.  Topshop denim cut-offs, soft jersey cream Gap tee and an old Monsoon Navejo cardigan with pom poms.  Lovely teamed with my new favourite fedora, black tights and clunky tassled brown ankle boots.  If anyone wants to pick me up and take me to Glastonbury in a few months then i am good to go… 

Dressed for the garden (not really!) and re-loving the lavander-y Lush' Angels on Bare Skin.  This is how i do jeans.  Of late i have been trying to mix it up and swap my dresses and maxi skirts for jeans once in a while.  I tucked my printed shirt into my dark indigo skinny jeans and wore them with my new and shiny Cath Kidston high-tops.  The above result was a look which seemed destined for the allotment - if i had one.  The general consensus was that i looked 'weird.'  

I have used Lush products on my skin since i was 18.  Back then my skin was a horror of oiliness, pimples and general grottiness.  At first i used a product called Herbalism, which is aimed at more troublesome beans.  Now i use and love Angels on Bare Skin, one of Lush' cult cleansers - for a reason.  Its jam packed with ground almonds, kaolin and lavender and is just the most wonderful little product in the world.  It is gentle, yet scrubby, softening and balancing all in one.   Having worked my way through a long list of much higher priced skincare through my teens, since then i have never tried anything else. 

Tonight i am hoping we shall eat pizza and drink mojitos and then i plan to curl up with the latest issue of The Simple Things magazine and some chocolate ginger biscuits and victoria sponge flavoured tea courtesy of the beautiful The Bluebird Tea Company. 

Right now i am off to lie on my tummy on the rug and do some cutting and sticking, with Miss Lana Del Ray and a walnut whip for company.  
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  1. Such lovely photos :)

    Have a lovely day!
    Love Jenna Fifi

  2. This is my first visit to your blog, such beautiful pictures! Really stunning and such an optimistic post. Going to vote now!

  3. GREAT POST:) your blog Is such an inspiration.

    If you like LC s fashion collection...check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria from



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