Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bright Little Thing

Lately there has been lots to celebrate.  Not the big, whopping, life changer type of celebrations.  Far from it! No, just the little tiny things you miss when you get caught up in the day to day and '9 to 5.' I feel like the older i get (AND THE LESS SAID ABOUT THAT THE BETTER) the more i appreciate the tiny little things i let pass me by in my teens and early twenties as i was galavanting about haphazardly; always on the look out for the latest dress/skirt/bag/pair of shoes that would  'change my life' somehow.  They never did.  And i was always poor.  

I still want to weep if i see anything remotely resembling a Liberty print, in any shape or form. I believe that to be somehow instilled into my being.  But now i like the quiet.  I find smiles in the silliest of places and i like things that are straightforward and uncomplicated.  I feel content with being me.  The sort of contentment that only comes on the wrong side of twenty five.  I know i wont get any taller.  That my legs wont get any longer and that i should be proud that i quite like lentils, beans, seeds and eating quite healthily over chips and crisps any day. (PROUD NOT SMUG).  

The littlest things like…..
 The perfect cup of tea.  A 'cup of magic' my mum calls it and has done for as long as i can remember drinking tea.  It fixes everything.  A broken heart; a grazed knee; or just a really naff day.  My current favourite - Bluebird Tea Company Earl Grey Creme brewed for five minutes and a good glug of organic milk. Sometimes a pistachio cookie to dip in too... 
 The deepest bubbliest Sunday afternoon bath (USUALLY FILLED WITH LUSH ROSE JAM BUBBLEROON) and wearing nothing but underwear, a super soft oversized jumper and lots of your favourite body cream.  Soft knees and lots of cuddles!
Thinking about what to wear to bed.  I have quite a collection of pyjamas.  I would quite happily live in them and eat breakfast all the live long day.  Life would be good.  But that is a different story.  I love to pick and choose what tops, t-shirts, pyjama trousers or old blouses combinations i am going to wear to sleep in.  Its quite therapeutic..or weird.  Its a fine line!  

Appreciating the outside and the seasons.  Since acquiring my beautiful little pushbike eighteen months ago, it feels like i have fallen in love all over again with being outside.  For me it is the perfect exercise.  I can whizz around the park, have a little think and dream and just take in everything around me.  Although i would find it hard to pick a favourite season; i would be hard pushed and say that Spring has my heart of late.  Everything looks better brighter, greener and happier with a little sunshine.  

Mixing it up.  I am a dress and skirt gal at heart, always.  But its nice to try something new.  The sunshine has made me want to wear more colour, to be bright and smile just by what i'm wearing.  This little Mexican inspired old old Monsoon cardigan and my new patterned jeans have been my go to items of late.  And prettying it up me-style with beautiful ankle socks and geeky shoes! 

Playing dress up.  My mood-boards are my little inspirational place - apart from this lovely little space - and my new fedora is my new dress up item.  It is something i would never ever have picked up in a million years usually.  When i meander through Topshop on my lunch i often feel as if im not quite cool enough to pull off a hat like the cool kids do in there.  But guess what? Its a great way to hide messy hair, pull an outfit together and to actually look quite snazzy.  I am in love.  And who would have thought it? 

Dreaming.  About anything and everything.  Always dreaming.  Of late my dreams are of beautiful sunsets, beautiful homes and faraway places.  

The brightest, littlest things are the best things.  Always.


  1. Oh, your photos are always so beautiful, whimsical and perfect! I love the idea of a cup of magic. It's so true, too. I know what you mean about picking out pyjamas although I'm sure yours would be less fleeced and less owl obsessed than mine! I'd quite the the idea of floating around in romantic jim jams, but them fleeced owls. They get me every time!xx

  2. The last photo is like an urban aurora borealis - so, so good :) I'm forever in love with your hair and oxfords, by the way.

  3. so many lovely photos! I'll have a cup of magic too!!

  4. The tea looks gorgeous! Love your shoes and all the lavender hues.



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