Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Take A Moment

Take a moment, if you will.  To open your eyes and ears and see and smell and realise that even if it sometimes rains, and it is quite blustery out there, wherever you are, Spring is here and its so pretty.  Even if you are the most un-girly of girls, and the thought of going anywhere near the colour pink or a bunch of flowers makes you want to cringe, just do it, if only for one single moment.   I wont tell anyone and if you do it will be sure to fill you with the lovliest feeling.  
Bluebells starting to sneak up.
Daisies scattered across the grass.
Flowery inspiration.
Wild garlic filling the air and the verges.
Sunny-faced Dandelions cheering up the green.
Spring Inspiration.
A bit more..
Never too much!
If you are a girly girl (like me), sit on the grass and make daisy chains; fill old jam jars and even the smallest space with blossom;  smell the sweet aroma of wild garlic on an early evening wander;  sit under a blossom tree and read your favourite book;  enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass;  listen to the birds sing or just sleep with the window open.  
*  *  *  
And even if you can't do any of those things, and you think i have gone a little bit 'flower mad', smile at how daft i must have looked getting blown about like a rag doll, atop a hill; by a busy road junction, with a precarious number of M&S carrier bags balanced on my handle bars taking these blossom shots.  Completely worth it in my book. 

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  1. Hey Sally, always love your charming nature pix and musings.....uplifting :) xo


  2. ahh thank you for sending me your link, I loved this post- you have such pretty photos and I love the blossom! Just followed, I'm at islaay.com


  3. Aww what a lovely post! so inspiring! *new follower* :)

    Kerri xx

    UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. so inspiring post <3 so lovely photos <3 aw!




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