Monday, 20 May 2013

Sometimes Spring

Do you think it is reliably a 100% SPRING somewhere? It seems our dear friend doesn't quite know what it wants to be.  Days have been hit and miss of late and today was deliciously miserable.  The kind of day that had all the makings of what could be such a beautifully typical SPRING-like day, but without enough gusto and too much rain over the weekend.  It smelt divine.  Riding through the park this morning, you could smell damp grass, soggy wild garlic and feel your hair growing twice its size by the minute.  Today was forgiven.  As i rather like the aftermath of a good pour down, so long as i am not caught in it!

Today was grey skied and warm but with the air so damp you could smell last nights shampoo (LUSH DADDIO INCASE YOU ARE CURIOUS).  The skies have been angry and threatening most days, mingled with a fabulous bursts of sunshine mixed in for good measure.  An umbrella and little poncho have been my secret weapons.  That and the little things that the weather can't ruin...
The greatest post i have ever received. A dear blogger friend ( Anna) popped this beautiful little package through my door recently - if only all post could be this beautiful and be addressed this way! It contained some back issues of 'Simple Things' magazine which i have only recently discovered (WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!) so i have been enjoying escaping into their beautiful little magazine-land and wanting to reside their permanently!
I am still the girl with flowers in my hair.  I think they are growing.  I am not tiring of this simple way to make my hair feel SPRING-like, even of the weather's against me! I have got so many of these silk flowers from Accessorize that i think i have got something to compliment every outfit…ish.  

I have really enjoyed finishing off my latest moodboards, they are a little nod to why im wearing what i am wearing at the moment and what is floating my boat inspiration-wise.  I am not sure quite yet how to put them into words….a sort of Saint Laurent bohemia. Lots of layers, prints and loose fabrics; smocks and billow-ey sillouttes.  Midi and maxi length dresses and skirts and hats hats and more hats!  I shall be adding them to my Moodboard section on this little space soon with a few more additions and some natterings too.

Tonight is all about eating salad with flowers in and then curling up in pyjamas with chai tea, chocolate digestives and the latest episode of Made in Chelsea'.  Don't judge…we all need our guilty pleasures…

I do hope you are all fine and dandy!


  1. I absolutely love that 2nd photo xx

  2. your pictures are always so magical x

  3. LOVE your pictures so much! So whimsical. I kind of like Spring rain, I like how refreshing it feels and the smell of the ground afterward a downpour :)

  4. I love your hair - it's just what I want for my wedding :) can I borrow it ;)

  5. you're blog and pictures are so enchanting. I love it :) What do you use to take the pictures? I love the effect
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  6. Your hair. I can't handle it!!! The flower are simply darling.

  7. I love your photos, so pretty. Especially the top two. I can never get my photos so atmospheric, mine always just look really flat. x

  8. Pretty pictures!

    xo Jennifer



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