Friday, 8 August 2014

Powder Blue

Have you ever listened to 'POWDER BLUE' by Elbow?  If you havent then may i suggest you pop over HERE and give it your ALL for the 4.31 minutes it tickles your ears?  It's one of my very favourite songs in the whole wide world.  Yet its also a song that is buried deep, deep in the depths of my (very full!) IPod and one that is also a bit of an oldie to me.  I tend to forget it exists.  Then all of a sudden i can be tootling to work or a million miles away with my thoughts sat by the cathedral with a big coffee in hand or even just padding about at home and it SNEAKS into my ears.  I am mesmerised all over again and just as much as i was the first time i ever heard it.  A delightful shuffle-shaped treat for the ears which usually results in me hitting 'repeat' and getting lost in it over and over for at least an hour.  That happened yesterday. I lay in a star shape on our bed for half an hour and FELL right into it completely.  It was just what i needed.  Lately has been exhausting me. I am extremely looking forward to spending this weekend up in Scotland with my parents amongst all of the green and beside the seaside.  I thought i should drop by and update with you life around here lately before i bounced across the border though…
I have been trying my best to SLOW down lately.  When work is so very busy i find it so hard to just sit still and slow down my pace when i am at home.  I fidget, i half read things, half watch things and don't listen properly.  I also bump into things a lot.  Switching off from everything (almost) electrical - not counting netflix, British Bake Off etc - in the evenings has really helped.  But my day off yesterday hit me hard.  I really had to struggle to get up and felt like i could have slept for an eternity.  Copious cups of tea, a little victoria sponge and lots of cuddles have helped though.  I think my body is more than ready to slow down for a few days.  
*  *  *  
Aren't the evenings getting darker?!  My after tea-shaped bike rides have me CHASING the sun all the way home and getting there just as it sinks behind the last of the day.  I have also been notching the shower temperature up a little and a little bit enjoying a slouchy fine knit slung around my pyjamas in the evenings.  I have also been trying to make the most of getting out and about in the GREEN before whizz and bang, it just blows all away.  The very last of the wildflowers are lingering and my favourite wild hydrangea in the park is looking very sorry for itself!  

I have been snatching all of the SUNSHINE that the days have given.  Days that end like the above are worth savouring for as long as possible. I never get bored of watching the sun breaking through the trees and feel as if i could sit and watch it forever.  Sometimes i do.
*  *  *  
In other much more MUNDANE and less interesting, 'catch up' shaped news:

*  i tried coconut milk for the first time this week.  Oh my.  I think it could be my favourite yet.  I'm wondering if it would work as well in porridge…?

*  The Mr accidentally cut off most of his beard this week in an electric shaving-shaped emergency.  I miss it already.  A man with a beard is pretty high up on my list.  I can't express my sadness too much though as he is as equally distraught as me.  I am hoping that it will grow back quickly!

*  After having seen hardly any wasps this summer we are having some what of a wasp infestation in our little somewhere.  I have had to artfully (read:  glass and envelope/harshly wafted tea towel/a stern word or ten) remove four in the last 48 hours.  

*  We watched the first episode of The Great British Bake Off on Wednesday evening and i am already counting down the days until the next one.  In fact, i even watched it again over breakfast yesterday morning.  

*  I read the new Simple Things magazine cover to cover on Wednesday evening whilst lay on the sofa with the Mr and a big cup of chai tea.  It's been so long since i did that.  Praise be to leaving that phone of mine in the other room and long may it continue!

*  I have been sleeping better than ever before and feeling ever so much more productive, bouncy and happy - long may this also continue.

*  We had a little jaunt to a Gap outlet at the weekend (i know right GAP OUTLET) it's only taken us about two years and the Mr's jeans to pretty much disintegrate to get us to bloody go.  We stocked up on jeans, and i wanted to buy THE WHOLE LOT OF EVERYTHING.  Man i love Gap.  I hadn't realised quite how much until last weekend.  We have already made a pact to return once autumn hits so that we can stock up on jumpers, socks and cosy apparel.  I am already excited.  

*  Evenings spent watching the Good Food channel is pretty much the only reason to have Sky lately.  Who doesn't want to watch Rachel Khoo, Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on tap..?!

Consider yourself fully updated you lucky DUCKS.  What have you all been UP to then?  Any plans for this weekend?  I am wishing you all a splendid one!  And if you could all cross your fingers and toes for some Scottish sunshine for me too then that would be great thanks. 

Have a GOOD and GREAT couple of days!  


  1. ♡ this post! Oh and so far (and I know it's only early) the sun is out on the west coast! Hooray! Hope the sun is shining on us all wkend before we have to cross the border again!
    Lou x

  2. Firstly, Gap outlet - take me there now! Secondly, listening to the Elbow song whilst reading this post was pretty perfect. Thirdly, I'm going to try and take a leaf out of your book and hide my phone so I can read more of my book. And lastly, you are absolutely super and posts like this make me happy and so glad I can read :) xxxxxxx

  3. I know what you mean about a good song sneaking into your ears unbidden & it being a lovely treat!!! I will give your elbow one a go :) I have a bad habit of overlistening to my favourite songs until I can't bear to hear it's only when I stumble across it a year later that I feel like I've discovered a chocolate bar at the bottom of my bag :) hahah!!

    I hope you have a lovely time in Scotland with your parents, and that you get some much needed rest, sweet! If you feel like you can sleep non stop on your day off it's probably a sign that you need it, miss. Looking forward to hearing about Scotland :) :)


  4. Gorgeous post, these images are to die for. Glad you like coconut milk it really makes a thai dish go from bleh to yeah :)

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog



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