Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #28

How do you DOODLE-DO my dear and lovely faces?!  I hope your weeks' have been full of mostly lovely-shaped things, and that you have excellent weekend plans coming up too.  It's not so healthy to wish wish and wish our lives away (especially since they move so bloomin' fast most of the time) but we all do it.  I am terrible for it.  We all count down the days, watch the clock and tip tap our feet and fingers in anticipation of something…i think its a part of the human condition.  I digress…because well, if going off on a tangent was an olympic sport, i wouldn't work at Monsoon Towers, i would be clutching ALL of the medals!  What has been keeping my little being jolly this week so far then…?! 

*  BLACKBERRIES.  Yes they are featuring consecutively - i praised them last week and i am going to blooming well praise them again this week.  'Cos its my WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY and they darn well deserve it.  This week i have been shoving them in all manner of delectable breakfast delights.  My current favourites are smashed and squashed blackberries (best when they are a little bit sad and past their best) dolloped on top of warm buttery waffles with just a dusting of icing sugar.  I have also been especially enjoying a smashed blackberry or two, spooned on top of crunchy peanut butter on toasted spelt bread - DELIGHTFUL

*  Feeling a 'NIP' in the air.  What was i saying about wishing my life away?!? If wishing your life away is part of the human condition, you can bet your bottom dollar that wishing the seasons away is part of the blogger condition!!  I got up on Monday morning and padded across our wooden floor to flip on the kettle on to feel that the DRAFT from the slightly open kitchen window was a cool and NIPPY one.  It made me a little excited for AUTUMN…but ssh don't tell anyone.  We will just keep it between you and I, yes?  I stuck my head out of the window and took a deep breath and the smell was entirely reminiscent of new school uniforms, hard leather school shoes waiting to be broken in and the like…it was delicious.  And for a moment, i almost dug out the saucepan to make porridge….

*  Being MINDFUL.  I know i know, the word 'mindful' is everywhere lately. Or at least i feel as if it is.  During a normal working week i regularly feel exhausted, restless and spend far too much time flipping through instagram, twitter and pinterest.  I have started to give myself a little time to check emails, social media etc when i get in of an evening, and then i have been leaving my phone in the next room.  And do you know WHAT?!  Not only have i laughed, rested, talked and made much more use of my evenings, but i have also slept a whole lot better too.  It's something i am definitely going to stick too.  

*  Johnson's BABY Bedtime Cream.  I know its for babies and i know it shouldn't be, but man ALIVE i try all of the body lotions in all of the lands and i always come back to this GEM.  It just proves that the old chestnut of 'if it's not broken then don't fix it' really rings true.  This heavenly, clean smelling and slightly lavender scented half body lotion-come-body butter is a DREAM.  It's just a bit thicker than a regular day to day lotion but not enough to make you feel sticky and do you know what?!  My knees and elbows have never been softer.  And its costs £2.50 for a whopping great pot.   

*  Walnuts.  I LOVE nuts.  I really have to watch myself  'cos i could quite happily munch a bag of them if i am not careful.  Just call me SQUIRREL NUTKIN.  Lately i can't get enough of walnuts.  They're a filling, darker and much richer nut than most and i love the way they go with so so many things.  This week they have been PILED upon my cottage cheese after a quick flash in a dry hot pan to give a toasty taste and an extra crunch.  The other evening i tossed them in a pan for a few moments; dusted them with vanilla sugar and crumbled them on top of a late night feast of over ripe peach and greek yoghurt.  Give them a go and if you do, give me a shout! Equally if you have any 'way with walnuts' i should know about give me a nudge!  I feel a HASHTAG comin' on…

*  RAIN. I know right, rain?!?  But when you have had such solid heat, sun and sticky sleeping sort of nights, it's a lot exciting to smell a delicious summer evening downpour and to CURL up properly under a duvet and listen to raindrops hitting the skylight.  

*  Maroon 5.  God BLESS Spotify.  I know i have been ranting and raving about technology this week but what did we all do before Spotify hey?!  This week i have RE-KINDLED my all time love for Maroon 5 (and possibly the YUM that is Adam Levine).  We are not talking 'Moves Like Jagger' and lots much more 'Songs About Jane' shaped.  I bloody LOVE that album.  I have been skipping up to work with 'Harder to Breathe' in my ears on more days than i should probably admit. Read:  ALL of the days.

*  The Mr and his new and beautiful acoustic guitar.  There is something infinitely magical and mesmerising about a man yielding a guitar.  ^see above case point^  I don't often get the chance to watch him play one on one.  Normally i am squashed somewhere sweaty, dark and in closer proximity with strangers than i should care to be.  This week the Mr bought a new acoustic guitar.  LISTENING and watching him play whilst i peered over my magazine was a little bit of LOVELY i'd quite like always please.  I'd do ANYTHING for a man with a guitar…..shameless but true.  Sorry...

What have been your HIGHLIGHTS this week so far lovely lot?!  Do SHARE!  I love to read the comments on these posts the very most!  I am a nosey parker - aren't we ALL?!?  Where do you stand on Maroon 5?  Have you toasted walnuts lately?  Fancy tryin' it out?  Is it just me who is excited for that first 'nip' in the air!?  Let me know here or share your #wonderfulwednesday with me on twitter.  I'm @sallytangle! 


  1. 'Harder to Breathe' was my ringtone when it first came out - I loved that song!! I am with you on getting just a little bit excited for Autumn - I don't want to wish the summer away (it's been great!) but it's nice to know the next season to arrive is a pretty amazing one. It's quite drizzly this morning but it makes me want to go out for a walk even more and appreciate the cool air! Hope you have a great day.

  2. I feel the same about autumn getting closer! Walnuts and blackberries are both amazing :) I really want to eat both right now, haha.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  3. Is it wrong that I am seriously excited for Autumn? Lovely scarves and oversized cardigans....

    Lou - :)

  4. We've had some cooler mornings and it's made me have that "back to school" feeling (even though I've been out of school for over a year now). My highlight has been my moving-to-New-York-City plan falling into place!

  5. Gotta love a bit of Adam Levine ;) Lovely blog dear! xx



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