Monday, 4 August 2014

Currently #20

All pretty pictures taken from my Pinterest HERE
Currently i am falling a little bit in LOVE with ORANGE.  Not just plain old orange though.  We are talking pinks and peaches paired with each and every hue and ombre of this delightful little colour that you can imagine.  Isn't it funny how pairing colours with other ones can completely change how you feel about a colour?!  I have never been an ORANGE lover.  And whilst i love PINK i am much more likely to favour a barely there paler than pale pink over a bubble gum or bright baby shade any day.  Pair a bubble gum pink with orange and i love it.  It makes me think of summer, of the tropical, of brightly coloured chewy sweets and of the nineties, oddly enough:  all bright and brilliant and a little bit in your face.  

I also love the QUOTE by Patti Smith and it pretty much sums up exactly how i have been feeling lately:  all wandering mind, IMAGINARY everythings and generally a little bit of a lot on cloud nine!  With maybe a little tiny toe in reality…it's nice to imagine and be silly and not take things seriously here and there though.  Don't you agree?  Plus this is a nice way to start off a Monday: a positive collection of words by an inspirational lady encouraging a little bit of creativity! 

And the print, oh the PRINT i just adore.  If i could make softly tapered cotton palazzo pants in ^that^ fabulous slice of print then i would be so happy.  Imagine, a pretty printed trouser in such a pretty print as that, with a soft cotton PINK striped breton tee and a sweet pair of brogues?!  Maybe one day soon i might also get round to dying that blonde barnet of mine a crazy PINK too…Happy MONDAY lovely faces!

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  1. I repinned that quote from you yesterday! :D It's definitely a good way to describe how I've been feeling lately.



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