Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #29

Happy MID-WEEK dear and lovely faces!  How do i find you all?  Is it me or is it cold?  In a massively stark contrast to the above image, i am rather relishing wearing cardigans these past few evenings.  Curled up in oversized cardigans as the rain has hammered our little attic, the wind has blown sideways and i have drank far too much tea.  And i've been okay about it you KNOW?  I have promised myself i shan't wear tights, boots, a proper coat or any kind of hat that isn't straw or a fedora until at least September.  I am raring to GO though.  I already have my eye on The Most Perfect Tartan Scarf and a new tweed blazer…i must not resist.  Around these parts has mostly been about hanging onto the last few weeks of summer and all kinds of other loveliness also…

*  CUDDLES.  If there is one thing that cooler evenings (dare i say it - darker too?) bring it is definitely more cuddles.  The kind of cuddles to keep warm and cuddles before you drift off to sleep.  In the summer, cuddles are replaced by hand holding.  But as soon as those evenings start to draw in and the temperature dips, you just can't beat a big HUG.  What a softie i am…

*  Continuing my love for ELBOW.  Since wittering on about Elbow's 'Powder Blue' last week on here, i have gone a little bit into an Elbow-shaped overdrive.  I love it though:  the way that one single song has put me back on a little meander all the way through their back catalogue on Spotify.  I have also discovered that they SNUCK out a new album this year too without me even realising!  It's been my go-to evening listen whilst i am padding about our little somewhere after a bath or shower at night.  

*  HOT showers.  It has felt that for months the only kind of shower that would have done has been a cooler one.  I have definitely been gradually increasing the temperature in my showers and enjoying rubbing extra moisturiser into my rose-y cheeks and pink knees.  

*  New OPPORTUNITIES.  Whilst i can't go into too much detail, my name might be appearing in a few other places apart from this dear little space in the next few months.  This makes me SO excited i cannot tell you.  And I also equally want to give you all the hugest big hug for popping by and reading this LITTLE corner because without this platform, well i wouldn't be where i am now and for that i am forever grateful to you all.  

*  My own BED.  Whilst i love going away and i dearly love spending time at home-home with my family, unless i have a fair few days in a row up there i can never sleep well.  What is it about your own bed?!  You just can't beat it.  I think that even if i was in the most expensive hotel in all of the land then i wouldn't sleep quite as well as i do in my own.  

*  PEANUT BUTTER.  To think i went most of my life thinking that i didn't like peanut butter is beyond me.  I only tried it after graduating from uni and i have never looked back.  I like to think that it gives me an excuse to eat a bit more than a regular person - girl's got ground to make up!  Lately it has been slathered on spelt toast after a little fruit and natural yoghurt breakfast-ing.  I have also been loving spreading it thick on tart green apple wedges or dunking carrot batons into it.  Or you know, just off the spoon, on a bad day…It's got to be crunchy though, its got to be!

*  Particularly PRODUCTIVE days.  Is it just me or some days don't you just feel like you could run the world?!? Tuesday felt like i got so much done and achieved over and above what i had intended.  These days are few and far between and need to be celebrated.  I just wish i had more of them 'cos i feel like i have been given the best ROCKET fuel for the rest of the week ahead!  

*  Sleeping in PYJAMAS again.  By that i mean a loose cotton smock top and cotton pyjama trousers after what has felt like months (and delicious months at that!) of curling up wearing only underwear or a sweet little silk cami top.  I slept in pyjamas for the very first time last night.  I could hear the wind and rain whipping against the skylight above my head and i felt the COSIEST i have felt in a long time.  It was a little bit delightful.  

What has been making your week BEARABLE then you wonderful lot you?!?  Are you a peanut butter fiend?!  Have you been relishing in the wind and the rain?  And what have you got to look forward to this weekend?!?!  Pleased do share because reading your comments is the BEST thing.  Remember you can always tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday.  I'm @sallytangle.  


  1. Beautiful post Sally! I missed my own bed so badly when I was staying at my mum's! Is it wrong that I'm loving this miserable weather? It kinda reminds me of home, being all wrapped up and watching the rain battering off the windows...nothing better!

    Lou -

    PS My new blog design in FINALLY up!! :)

  2. Nothing beats a spoonful of peanut butter, especially when you're running low on snackage. :)



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