Saturday, 16 August 2014

Home Please

It is a truth universally recognised that there is no place quite like HOME.  When you grow up and fly away from the place you were born, you make your own way and feather your own pretty NEST just the way you like it.  But there will always be home home and no matter where that is, nothing ever changes the feeling that brings.  Last weekend i snatched both Friday and Saturday up at my parents in Scotland and i could have quite easily curled up away from the hustle and bustle of city life and all that the 9 to 5 brings, and stayed and stayed and STAYED.  Being away somewhere so peaceful, quiet and in the middle of nowhere really made all the little things i often whizz past, even more lovely and stand out even more.  It was just what i needed to make myself feel all put together again.  

Some measure the SUCCESS of a weekend or few days off by quite how much they can squeeze into those two days.  Not me, well at least not last weekend.  This weekend was slow, beautiful and all about just spending time and not letting MOMENTS pass by.  It was how i wish each and every one could be.  
I am often TORN between my two favourite places to visit when i am home:  The coast or the hills and forests.  This time we chose the coast.  The bright BLUE skies were calling us and with a sky so bright and blue and and a day so warm it felt like we had made the right choice.  We chose to take along an extremely cheeky puppy and simply walked and walked barefoot in the sand. When we had been blown about and SPLASHED by puppy paws quite enough, we sat up on the grass and made coffee on a little camping stove.  I could have sat and sunk my toes into the sandy dunes all day, it was so beautiful.  
Late afternoons were spent CURLED up on the bench in the garden with a big mug of tea and a little handful of biscuits.  Why does EVERYTHING taste so much more delicious outside?!  I wish so much that i had my own little stretch of green to plant beautiful hydrangeas and ceramic tubs of basil, mint and strawberries.  I was quite happy just sat WATCHING the world go by and seeing how many butterflies i could spot on my parents huge butterfly bush.  
Evenings were spent CHASING the sunset up and down windy country lanes with ^this^ little face.  He is called Storm.  Our little man is still learning how to walk properly on a lead and still needs lot of practise.  He is far too nosey for his own good and wants to be everyones best friend and for everyone to love him.  He doesn't like to leave anything un-SNIFFED and never misses a trick and his favourite place to be is on anyones knee who'll kiss his ears and rub his tummy.  My parents have had him only four months and rescued him from a family who couldn't look after him properly.  He has learnt lots but still has a long way to go yet. You can't spend time with him and not feel happy.  Spending two days with his wagging tail and wet nose was HAPPY-making in itself.  
*  *  *  
This week has been such a BUSY one.  Good busy, but busy in a way that has sort of had the tiredness hitting me in one fair swoop!  I am looking forward to a little bit of a later sleep on sunday - maybe followed by some warm pastries and many a mug of tea.  Tonight i am scooting off to watch one of my favourite local artists:  Fiona Clayton, who incidentally the Mr is supporting and playing bass with Mylittlebrother.  It should be a good night.  Is it wrong that i already can't wait to be in BED on Saturday night though..?!?

How are all of your WEEKENDS looking?!  Is it jam-packed just the way you like it or are you looking forward to slowing down and snatching the last of the summer sun?!


  1. Glad you had such a lovely, relaxing weekend! Mine is going to be spent wandering around trying to figure out the new city, and most likely getting lost along the way. :)

  2. Lovely post and beautiful photos! Sounds like you had a really nice and relaxed weekend.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings



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