Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #30

Man ALIVE how the freaking bobbins is it Wednesday already?!?  If it's true that as you get older life really does speed up (which so far i concur!) then give me another couple of years and every single thing will feel like a dizzy blur! The last week has been so SO busy for me but i am also feeling a lot like i am winning at being me too and that's a really nice feeling.  Most of the time i am busy and feel as if i cross off one thing from my to-do list ('cos what is life without lists?! Best not get me started on that one) and add four more, feeling a little too overwhelmed.  Lately though, the juice of each and every second hath been squeezed and i am getting stuff done people!  Let's stop blowing our trumpet for a few moments though and discuss what littler things have been making me smile on this week so far.

*  AUTUMN!  Hells bells i can't hold it in any longer!!!  I am so excited for Autumn i can't tell you.  Operation 'must not wear tights or proper coat etc' until September is going well but i between you and i, i have picked myself a NEW tweed jacket out already (Boden HERE incase you're a nosey parker) and rifled through last seasons knits and i'm already creating outfits in my head.  I am also going to treat myself to a proper tartan blanket scarf and update my pale mink brogues to a sufficiently Autumnal tan pair.  Oh and i really reeeally want THIS skirt from lady Cath Kidston too!  I need to CALM down!  

*  Berries berries BERRIES!  In more exciting news on 'Blackberry-gate" as I mentioned and ranted and raved bout the yummy little blighters in my last five million posts; i would like to tell you that this week so far has been aaall about the humble blueberry and the razzle-dazzling raspberry.  Raspberries have been dotted on top of cottage cheese with a handful of chopped walnuts and blueberries scattered into spelt muesli and drowned in ice cold almond milk for breakfast and sometimes supper too.  

*  Bread IDEA-ing.  Let me tell you a story.  I like my bread, and i always try to make an effort to buy bread form the bakers or not least the fresh counter at my local supermarket.  I've always thought it was better for me than the horrid glue-y white squares the likes of certain big bread companies churn out.  And it probably is.  Usually bread lasts for two days or so round these parts.  But last week i forgot about a little loaf of spelt bread i had bought from the bakers.  I came across it ten days later, TEN DAYS!  And it was fine.  And that my friends is not a sign of a loaf of bread that is good for you.  In short, operation 'i'm not eating bread again until i can bloody make my own' was born. Catchy right?!  So this week i shall be delving into bread making by making my own spelt soda bread.  No rubbish, just good and wholesome ingredients.  I'm so excited to get stuck in!

*  Good skin.  My SKIN is forever affected by what i eat, how much i sleep i get and what i put into it.  I used to envy those who could stay up all night, drink gallons of diet coke and never take their make up off.  I am not one of those girls.  And to be honest now i am old enough to know better about alot more things than i used to, i'm sort of glad.  For the past few months i have worked hard on keeping my diet as fresh and seasonal as possible. I have tried to get plenty of exercise and really take time to look after my skin and it's really paying off.    Someone actually said these exact words to me on Monday:  'You're lucky, you have naturally beautiful skin.'  Oh kind lady you have NO idea…

*  Live MUSIC.  Is there a better way to listen to it?  In my opinion it's the only way to listen to music. Unless that's not possible and a close acceptable second is cycling ever so fast round and round the park with your Ipod SO loud and sometimes maybe singing.  I don't do that but you know i could…I was lucky enough to go and watch the Mr play bass for Mylittlebrother recently. Who were incidentally supporting the beautiful folk genius that is Fiona Clayton.  It was the BEST night and i highly recommend that you head over to Spotify and add them both.  Two musical acts local to me who are superb. 

*  Sleeping in LONG pyjama bottoms.  This is the Spring/Summer equivalent of the first time you sleep in just your under crackers.  Utter bliss.  Sleeping in your pyjamas as the nights get cooler is the dream.  For me it always equals the deepest most soundest of sleeps.  Bring on the hot water bottles!  Not yet though.  I don't want to peak too soon… 

*  Tealights.  Because well SOON i shall have to close the windows at night and also the curtains and so there'll be far less tealights in jam jars in Tangle Towers don't you know.  These last few days i have been dotting the little devils everywhere.  I'm secretly looking forward to tealight candlelit baths (which are far more autumn/winter appropriate than showers anyway), and for scented candles whilst i read a book in my pyjamas.  It's not all bad really…
*  *  *  
How are you all you lovely lot you?!  Have you been getting excited for Autumn?  Have you ever made your own bread and if so, got any tips?  And what are the rest of your week's looking like…?  I love to read these kinds of comments!  Remember you can also tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday on twitter.  I'm @sallytangle .  


  1. This whole post just made me even more excited for autumn than I already am! Good luck with the bread making :) I've been making my own bread for a few years now and it's so much fun! Plus, it's much cheaper than buying from the baker's.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. I CAN.NOT WAIT for Autumn too! I'm wearing in a new pair of brogues right now! As for bread - I completely concur! We only ever get our bread from the bread counter or a fresh bakers and we also like to try something new when we do. This week we tried two, greedy! We had a cheesy loaf (nom!) and chilli bread (double nom!). Years back we use to make our own and swore we'd never buy another loaf again but we've realised time isn't always on our side (it does take a while - the whole proving process) and the counter/fresh bakers is a good alternative. You'll love it, esp if you're a bread fan. Oh and don't worry if the first one doesn't quite work out, it'll still taste amazing and the next one will be even better! Can't wait to hear how you get on! And blimey that fruity mixture with cottage cheese sounds AMAZING! [rummages in fridge for said ingredients] :-)
    Happy baking and on that note I'm off to get settled with my knitting before Bake Off starts! :-) x
    Jo |



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