Friday, 22 August 2014

Wednesday in Senses

Wednesday was TIRING.  I'd had one of those sleeps where you go to bed all filled with slumber and floppiness only to curl up under a pretty printed duvet and start THINKING.  Just about silly things. But usually once my head is set to 'think-mode' i find it ever so hard to get back into 'sleep-mode.'   I awoke feeling like i had slept with my eyes closed the tightest that they could ever go and as equally exhausted as i had been on Tuesday night.  

I dabbled in a post similar to this HERE.  And so i thought i share another with you today. 
The brightest most blue sky i have seen in such a long while and the racing cotton wool clouds through our skylight first thing this morning;  Leaves dropping from the trees in a much-colder-than-anticipated breeze;  The last of the beautiful hydrangeas curling up and turning pretty hues of all kinds of lilac and lime green;  Seagulls trying their hardest to fly against the wind on this mornings bike ride.  The way that makes them look like they are tied to a long, long pieces of string;  The hugest red admiral butterfly on our duvet upon returning home from my jobs.  As she (i like to think she was a she, she was too beautiful not to be) was sat on the pillow i sat and talked to her for a good few minutes, hoping (most stupidly) that it might coax her out of the skylight.  She responded much better to a little tickle, but i said goodbye anyway.  

Seagulls always seagulls first thing in the morning. Tip tapping on top of our roof and shouting at each other;  The Mr's alarm and knowing that i don't have to get up - i love that feeling because every morning i am always up before him;  A  new brown and white spaniel puppy's sweet little bark as i drove past him in the park this morning.  So sweet and when i stopped to say hello he was all happy and full of kisses and a little wagging tail;  The washing machine swish and swoosh throughout the morning, afternoon and evening as i attempted to wash everything known to man in 24 hours.  I am now subsequently left with a 'hanging gardens of Babylon' style home as various items of laundry hang from every conceivable orifice;  Elbow.  That's right, still.  I have this thing where once i find an album i love i listen to it over and over until i know it every each which way and can no longer bear to have it in my ears any longer.  Then it comes back to me a few months later and i love it all over if not more.

Raspberries with everything.  Alongside pancakes with an unhealthy spread of crunchy peanut butter, or dotted around my mid-afternoon day-off-shaped treat of a double chocolate chip cookie as big as my head or smashed into natural yoghurt with a drizzle of honey before bed;  Chicken thighs cooked slowly in red wine and served with colcannon and tender-stem brocoli…the autumnal suppers are being eased in;  Endless cups of tea whilst tip tapping away at some work in our office with the skylight as wide as it will go and a big huge and whopping soft checked blanket around my shoulders. 
Pyjama against pyjama in a curled up ball of cosiness underneath our huge printed duvet and too many cushions little bedroom;  The warmth of a first cup of Lady Grey tea sipped underneath the duvet with hair that looked all kinds of crazy;  The sweetest silk knickers and bras in M&S and treating myself to a handful since they were half price and too beautiful to resist;  Damp washing and far too much of it;  Holding hands;  Kisses on heads;  The weight of a light blanket across our knees as we curled up to watch The Great British Bake Off.  

A faint smell of freshly washed sheets and shampoo from my pillow as i squinted and squeezed my eyes to some sort of life this morning;  Morning air as it tickled my nose all fresh and cool and peppered with dampness;  Toasted raisin pancakes for breakfast being brought back to life in a hot toaster - yum;  Damp grass on a morning few laps of the park;  Freshly roasted coffee beans on a wander through our city centre as they drifted up and out of a local cafe;  Cotton incense oil burnt throughout the afternoon as i pottered about doing work and getting jobs done;  Soap powder and fabric softener as the washing machine whirled on and i rinsed through sneak new silk somethings in warm water and crumbled up bath bombs;  single black rose candle burnt in the kitchen after supper as we curled up with camomile tea.   

A pretty lovely day off after all.  I like writing these kinds of posts.  Noting it all down make sure that i don't MISS a second.  

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