Monday, 25 August 2014

The Stuff Of Neapolitan Dreams

It's no SECRET i am lover of colour and often-times worshipper of print.  But that's the thing with colour, it's such a powerful little devil that it really can alter completely and exactly how you feel at any given time.  Whilst some days i can't get enough of a stark black and white monochrome powered with punchy accents of neon pink; or a vintage William Morris tapestry print in a billowing smock-y shape; sometimes a palette of soft PASTELS is just what's called for.  
*  *  
Pastels have always been a source of COMFORT for me, ever since i was a little dot.  If i am feeling tired, sad, cold or in need of a big hug, i shall always turn to anything and everything PISTACHIO green, dusky vintage ROSE pink or a pale WHISPER of powder blue to perk me right back up.  Lately it's all that's been floating my boat.  Despite everywhere and anywhere starting to look toward all that is deep, crimson, burnt orange and ochre; lately i have been curling up in what can only be described as THE STUFF OF NEAPOLITAN DREAMS.  Do you remember neapolitan ice-cream..?!  It was my all time favourite when i was little.  A crystal glass bowl filled with as much pastel-striped ice-cream as i could get away with and a teddybear-shaped wafer stuck in the top.  Lately has been filled with pastels at every turn...

The SOFTEST, most whisp-y cotton-candy textured blue skies and dwindling HYDRANGEAS on early evening escapades on those two wheels of mine.  Which incidentally are also a soft PISTACHIO green.  Along with my dearly beloved Cambridge Satchel.  I think i almost adore HYDRANGEAS a little more now there are all starting to dry and their colours beginning to soften into wonderfully delicate lilacs, vintage violets and soft pinks.  

I TREATED myself us to the softest little CHECKERED throw for our bedroom recently.  I can't begin to tell you quite how HAPPY that colour combination makes me.  I have been enjoying feeling it's weight on the tips of my toes as it sits folded on the very end of the bed as i fall asleep, or wearing it WRAPPED around my shoulders as i dust rose-y pink blusher on my cheeks in an attempt to ready myself for the day ahead.  If i could wear it ALWAYS then i think i would.  

I also dug out this pretty tunic SMOCK from donkeys years ago and have been enjoying wearing it with my SOFTEST black,ripped slim jeans and favourite ROSE-pink cardigan slung around my shoulders.  It goes perfectly with hair that isn't brushed and has the prettiest floral crown buried in amongst its' tangles, don't you think…?! And if i squint my eyes enough its aaalmost the same colours as that pretty little blanket concoction…
*  *  *  
What's you COLOUR combination of choice lately..?  Are you happiest curled up pastels like me or do you have a penchant for the richer colours?!?  I'd love to know!  


  1. I love pastels too! They are just so soothing aren't they? I love pale blues, pinks and greens and when I buy my own house and I can't wait to decorate my bedroom with some of these colours. That throw is just gorgeous, I am on the hunt for a gorgeous throw for winter! Have a great week! x

  2. I ADORE that throw, it's love at first sight! And I'm so glad you mentioned teddybear wafers in ice cream! It's brought back so many memories :) what a lovely post and have a brilliant pastel-filled week sweetie! x

    Megan /

  3. Another gorgeous post, and I love your new throw! It's lovely and bright for being checkered xx



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