Friday, 4 July 2014

A bicycle ride: vlogged

So it's been a little while coming, but today i wanted to share with you not only one of my very favourite places, but also my very first TENTATIVE dip into the world of vlogging!  Cripes!  Somehow this feels like much more of a big deal to me than sharing snippets of my little life in photo/word form.  I am not quite sure why. I think that it feels a lot more real, a little less filtered and just me being ME!  I have never really been into watching vlogs, largely because in the past i have found them to seem to always witter on about make-up, shopping sprees and the like.  Which is all fine and dandy for those with an avid interest in all of those kinds of things. But for someone like me who is just plain lucky if my make-up looks vaguely like i have even tried upon leaving the house in the morning, its not something i can relate to.  
*  *  *  
Over the last few months i have noticed that a handful of my favourite lifestyle bloggers have begun sharing SNIPPETS of their life through vlogging and such.  And i have loved watching them, i am a real nosey parker at heart.  I want Sallytangle to be an INSPIRATIONAL place;  a place which encourages you to treasure the tiny little things and a place which shows that.  I wanted my first vlog to be a little celebration of that, but in a video form!  Don't expect Tarentino-esque editing skills, as i am still very much LEARNING!  And excuse me for the slight loss of sound for a few seconds - turns out camera+wind+nervous me= a silly finger over the speaker moment!  But here is a little peep into my morning bicycle ride in my favourite place, Bitts Park.  Hope you enjoy it!  

The music used throughout my video is Bent: 'Always' which, if you like, you can find HERE .  If you liked my little vlog, you can subscribe to my channel right HERE .  Have a wonderful weekend lovely faces!  


  1. What a lovely video Sally! I can't believe it's your first one, it's very professional! I love the fact it's from your bike, it has such a lovely flow and the music is perfect. I love going for walks in Bitts, we're lucky to have such a pretty place right in the middle of our city.

  2. This is great Sally, the park looks so big and pretty in your video, perhaps I don't appreciate it enough when I'm rushing through. You are so brave for doing this, and you come across really well. Really enjoyed watching. x

  3. Oh man, this makes me miss my bike!

  4. Really nice video! Definitely enjoyed watching it :) That park looks absolutely lovely.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  5. I love this! I'm not a fan of vlogs either- partly because living in the middle of nowhere means my internet is shoddy and hates loading youtube, but also because I struggle to relate to beauty tutorials or "haul" videos. I really enjoyed watching this though and I'm looking forward to the next one! I used to visit Bitt's park quite a lot when I lived in Carlisle but I haven't been in years. I think a little wander is definitely on the cards next time I'm up xx

  6. I think your life is exciting, Sally! What a beautiful place you live in by the way - thanks for sharing it with us :) I was thinking about this the other day and inspired by all of these little lifestyle videos that keep popping up I realised that actually it is such a lovely way to document life and capture feelings and moments to look back on later and remember/compare/smile :) So I started to film little bits of my day this week and have recorded a few videos, probably just for myself really, but isn't it a fun little project? :) :) Lots of love xxxxxx ps. so cool to finally hear your voice! :)



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