Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #24

Hi-de-hi CAMPERS!  How do i find you all?!  I am finding myself extremely poor!  Well that is not exactly the case, i just feel as if i have spent an awful lot on myself lately. In all fairness, said purchases have been fully considered for a long time and duly put off.  Only to be snatched excitedly in the sales!  Whilst i am not a massive lover of the sales, if i see something i had lusted after for many months with half off, i'll fight you for it!  Materialism (mostly) aside, there have been a fair few other things that have been making me happy so far this week…

*  Bloc Party.  Hello to my YOUTH!  I adored Bloc Party for most of my teens and through uni and I have spent a good handful of evenings clutching on for dear life in amongst an unintentional mosh pit of sweaty teens in my life.  Those were the days!  I sort of re-discovered them lately and.  I.  Can.  Not.  Get.  Enough. I have been cycling my sandals off on warm balmy evenings with them playing loud in my ears; enjoying the catchy riffs and electric guitar superstar moments in the bath surrounded by candles galore and fighting the urge to dance in public whilst waiting for the red light en-route to work in the morning!  I love re-discovering music.  It suddenly takes you all the way back to exactly how you felt when you very first listened to them.  Magical! 

*  Boiled eggs.  I know, weird right?!  I just cannot get ENOUGH of boiled eggs lately.  Not just wandering about the house though, i mean at meal times naturally!  My very favourite day-off lunch lately is warm boiled eggs (i have perfected them so that i can just get the melty yolk in the middle the perfect…meltiness?!) crunchy warm fine beans tossed in butter, salt and black pepper and torn up leftover chicken.  Absolute heaven in a little bowl i tell you!!!!

*  Almond milk. I promise this isn't going to be an entirely food-based Wonderful Wednesday, honest-john!  Why has no-one ever let me in on this Almond milk SECRET?!?  This gal is beyond late to this little shindig!  I adore cereal, and i adore milk. So much so that i can drink it ice-cold by the glass.  Sometimes it gives me terrible tummy-ache and i have always just thought it was a 'me' thing.  I had never considered cutting down on it.  I say cutting down because one thing almond milk does not work well in is tea.  And you lovely lot know how much i love my Lady Grey.  Out of curiosity i have been using almond milk in most other things and i feel so so much better!  More to the point it is delish over homemade nutty granola and a perfect milk for porridge.  It's ever so creamy and yummy and well i think i am converted! 

*  Bed linen-caving.  I LOVE bedding.  no i mean i really love it.  It's a serious business too.  I am extremely fussy when it comes to fabric and thread count (there is far too much horrid polyester floating about the bedding-sphere for my liking!).  I haven't bought bedding for such a long time.  Our current sets are Jigsaw, Sisley and M&S.  All are 100% cotton and it makes such a difference sleeping with cotton bedding.  I have been stalking the M&S 'Toile' print duvet set in sky blue for months.  This week i indulged.  I have no shame.  It was expensive but man alive, i have been sleeping like a baby!  Plus the pretty 'Toile' print looks rather pretty against our cream wrought-iron bedstead.  It feels sort of like we are sleeping inside a teacup...

*  Picking a sneaky few sprigs of a random wild HYDRANGEA bush on my evening cycle ride and falling a little bit in love.  Whenever i pick wild flowers and pop them into water, they last but a few days.  I picked this little sprig on Friday last week and it is still as bright, beautiful and lilac-ey blue as the evening i picked it.  I may sneak back for more…especially since Peony season is all but over…le sigh.

*  Feeling GRATEFUL for good friends.  Work is all a bit mad lately, what with sale and one thing and another and it makes me ever so grateful that i am incredibly lucky to call all of those beautiful girls i work with every day, some of my closest friends.  It's pretty amazing to be able to work with your best friends each day  and i am lucky for that!

*  Feeling HEALTHIER.  I adore riding about in those two wheels of mine and it has always been a bonus that it also keeps me fit too.  I have never ben a gym bunny and i can't run to save my life.  I can swim, but if my life depended on it, it's safe to say i would die.  I love how i have found my 'thing'.  My happy exercise.  Something i want to do and something i get pleasure out of.  Since its been so warm lately i have been swanning about in cotton dresses, silk smocks and floral crowns.  My day off Tuesday was a little grey and dreary so i squeezed into my slim indigo jeans for the first time in months.  I have really begun to notice definition in my legs and waist and i feel so much healthier and toned because of it.  

*  A HAIRCUT…finally.  I hate getting my haircut.  I love my hairdresser and have been going there for years, but i just hate having it cut.  When my hair was much longer i could put it off for months and months 'cos it was easy-peasy lemon-squeezy to pile it all on top of my head and pin a silk flower on top!  Now my hair is much shorter i can't.  I finally gave in and got a good inch off my rats tails and i do feel so much better because of it and i can tell my hair feels happier too.  Is it just me or does anyone else hate getting their hair cut?!
*   *   *  
What has been keeping you lovely lot alive this week?!? I love to read you Wonderful Wednesday comments so please share!  I don't care if it's your favourite book or a particularly amazing icecream i should be getting my hands on, i'd love to know!  Don't forget you can also tweet me:  @sallytangle with your #wonderfulwednesday bits too!  


  1. Ahhh I'm so glad you discovered almond milk! Which brand do you use? I wasn't so keen on the Blue Diamond one that everyone else seems to drink, but Rude Health do the best non-dairy milk drinks. The almond one is delicious and has no weird chemicals in it :)
    Have you tried coconut milk? Alpro make it and it's soooo good! I love it on everything, even on its own.
    My mum is the same about bed linen. I never used to care so much, as long as it looked nice, but I agree with you. Since moving back home and sleeping in a bed with John Lewis egyptian cotton sheets, I can definitely tell the difference. When I move out I will be writing a list of things I need to get and I can safely say Primark is not where I'll be heading for bedding, like I used to!
    This post has cheered me up, thank you : ) Hope you have a great Wednesday, Sally.

    Naomi xo

  2. Hair cut wise, I hear you! I really don't like getting it cut either. Don't know why... I guess it's my security blanket and it feels weird when it's gone!

  3. I adore almond milk too! It's the best alternative to milk I've had :) But I agree, it doesn't do well in tea....

    Thanks for a lovely & inspiring post!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. Oh my god, I LOVE Bloc Party and haven't listened to them in years! I must dig out my old collection and give them another listen.

    I love almond milk too, I've just been told about a cappuccino flavoured variety and trying to get my mits on that :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  5. Totally with you on the boiled egg front. They are AMAZING. I also hate having my hair cut I get nervous about going to the hairdresser which is a bit weird, I just haven't found one I trust yet!



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