Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 23

Hello and how do you DOODLE-do?! Here i am again with a list of wonderful-ness to hopefully inspire you to treasure your own special moments, however small they might be.  This week i have felt largely emotional because of who knows what!  It's a little bit draining!  I feel i could sleep forever, drink tea forever (because well doesn't that fix everything) and eat toasted anythings, well, always!  I am sure it shall pass!  And weirdly i havent felt particularly sad.  In fact there has been much to rant and rave about if we are measuring the Wonderful Wednesday-shaped things.  So let's get 'em out there shall we?!

*  Learning new SKILLS and accomplishing new things.  So i mentioned on Twitter last week that i was putting together my very first vlog.  It's something i had never ever done before.  For someone with a first class honours degree in Media i have never been all too fond of filming and editing.  After seeing some of my favourite lifestyle bloggers produce some lifestyle vlogs, i was tempted to try my own.  Turns out vlogging doesnt have to all be about how to apply make up like 'x,y and z' and it's even more fun when it's not!  Don't expect a masterpiece by any means, but i am proud of it.  It took me forever to get the hang of sounding and looking normal but i think it worked out not so bad.  Keep those peepers peeled for later this week!

*  Toast.  'Cos sometimes you just need TOAST.  It's my ultimate comfort food, well apart from cereal.  What can i say, i'm a cheap date?! I know that having toast too often doesn't make me feel great, and it also means i am inevitably rummaging for a banana or handful of almonds by 11am but man alive i love toast.  I treated myself to some toasted cranberry and pecan bread slathered with crunchy peanut butter on saturday and sunday morning.  It was to make up for the fact that i was working aaaall weekend.  It was bloody lovely too!

*  Festival watching.  Why oh why didn't i manage to get GLASTO tickets this year?!  For most of last week i wished i had.  I painted my hair pink and tried to look like i was there for most of it too.  But then on Friday evening when the Mr was out at a gig, it was actually rather cosy to watch four hours solid of un-interupted highlights, curled up with a big mug of lady grey, some chocolate and a few candles lit.  Did you catch any of it?!  I adored Goldfrapp, Rudimental, Jake Bugg and especially Kasabian.  

*  The sweetest CHATS with complete strangers!  I have got rather used to people stopping me in the street to say they read my local magazine column (this city is small!) or that they have read Sallytangle and that always warms my heart so much.  But i am always taken aback a little by the funny people who stop and talk to me because of my bike.  On Monday's day off, the sweetest elderly man stopped me to tell me he had seen Willow parked up on a few occasions and always admired her.  He told me how it was much the same shape as his WW2 Parabike which he sold many years and always wished that he hadn't.  We had a lovely chat and he was so kind and sweet and a real gentleman!  He even complimented my floral garland!  

*  Lush Daddio SHAMPOO forever!  I use this heavenly violet shampoo all year round and the smell is out of this world!  I think 'cos i am drying my hair naturally much more in these warmer months, the scent lasts so much longer and hangs about on my pillow too.  It's the perfect sweet-but-not-too-sweet and heady florally violet scent and it's just beautiful!  

*  My new-ish cream SMOCK top.  I treated myself to the little gem many months back.  It's completely plain, 100% cotton and sits just on my tummy.  It's shaped like a tent and has the sweetest lace around the collar and i have been teaming it with everything in the whole wide world on these warmer days:  worn over the top of floral playsuits, with long and flowing skirts and even with my pyjama bottoms on those days when you want to put on your pyjamas as soon as you get in!  Sometimes simple really is the best.
*  *  *  
What have you been ENJOYING this week lovely lot?  Have you been basking in tropical temperatures and enjoying the outdoors or being productive indoors?!  Do tell!  And remember you can always tweet me your #wonderful wednesday.  I am @sallytangle!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your vlog! The story about the elderly man and your bike really warms my heart- Carlisle is such a friendly little city, I love it. Happy midweek lovely, hope the rest of the week treats you well! xx

  2. This really was a wonderful Wednesday! Toast and cereal are also both my go-to comfort foods- easy, cheap and tasty! Hope you are very well! xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing the vlog! Vlogs are my favourite thing to watch :) And I wish toast was good for you, because I love it too!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. Looking forward to seeing your vlog, I bet it'll be fab! Toast is always a necessity too! :)



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