Friday, 24 May 2013

Bobbing Along

Welcome Bank Holiday of May number two! At least there is one good thing coming out of this month which supposedly nestles itself in the season we call 'Spring'.  Bank holiday to those like me who work in retail; means not very much changes.  I get an extra half hour in bed, and get home an extra half hour earlier. I am intending to use both of these short snippets wisely. I think i shall choose to get up at the very same time, but sit and eat breakfast in an orderly manner.  This is instead of my usual wash/dress/eat/makeup all at once habit which usually ends up with something in the fridge that shouldn't be.  As for the extra half hour at the end of my working day….i might find an ice-cream van and go the whole works - flake, RASPBERRY sauce - the lot.  Let's be honest it'll probably hail stone and in actual fact i shall end up at home with some Lady Grey and a packet of chocolate digestives.  
*  *  *
This week one has been mostly BOBBING ALONG and pretending its Spring from inside.  I am still enjoying that the plants haven't completely given up on Spring and are determined to cling onto their blossom-ey loveliness, come hail, rain or gail force winds.  I shall continue to stand under blossom trees and take pictures of them until all the blossom is gone.  I kid you not.  
 Early morning 'on the way to work' sort of BLOSSOM.
 At the end of a long hard day sort of BLOSSOM.

 Because our little somewhere has such huge windows in the living room; if perchance MR SUNSHINE does rear his pretty little head, it gets rather toasty.  I have been enjoying soft knees and bare legs and looser fabrics indoors and favouring practicality over everything else when out and about.  Today i actually had a bobble hat on for my morning jaunt to the park on Willow. A BOBBLE HAT.  I treated myself to some new separates for work today.  Chinos and a breton top.  I am not really a trouser lady, but these CORNFLOWER cotton chinos are so soft and i love the colour at the moment.  I can't wait to pair these with the little cotton breton sweatshirt tomorrow for work.  I am planning a frilled ankle sock, grey brogues and my hair on top of my head with a FLORAL scarf.  I am excited to wear them with coral, as an unexpected, clash-y sort of affair. 
 Perfect after-tea view from our living room windows after a rare SUNNY day.
 Perfect after-tea view from our living room windows after a mostly torrential rain and hail shaped day; with just a touch of sun.  A RAINBOW!
Perfect 'on the way home' sky-view from the train window.  BLUSTERY, bright and perfect.
 Just when you think you have exhausted every possible way of 'wearing' FLOWERS.
Todays freshly washed, clean and mis-matched bedding.  I already can't wait to be asleep.  With the window open just a touch...


  1. Sally I love reading your blog posts, they always make me smile! I don't think we're getting spring in Cumbria this year. I went back to South Yorkshire for a few days last week and it was t-shirt and shorts weather. I had to panic buy some sandals. Then we got back onto the A66 and the hailstones started... xx

  2. I always love your pictures! Enjoy those extra half hours :)



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