Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sun Times

On Sunday, when we awoke to the sun tickling our eyelids, we did what most British would do given half a chance on a Bank Holiday and headed to the coast.  After filling up on almond croissants and chai tea, we donned overly SUMMERY clothes - okay I donned overly summery clothes - a swingy smock-ey, printed, sleevless not very there swing top and patterned skinny jeans, flip flops and sandals.  And sunglasses.  Which i can't see too well out of, and i am also convinced they make me a bit deaf too, but that's another story.  We headed the short drive to Allonby.  

Of course upon said arrival it was rather nippy.  I had planed to PADDLE.  And to maybe buy some ROCK.  And to indulge in an ice-cream as big as my head.  In reality because we were both suffering with goose pimples, we settled for an accidental rummage in an antique shop called The Pig in the Bath; and a long lazy walk along a very windy, very rocky beach.  I was most pleased to have the Mr there to act as a wind breaker/hurt foot leaner on-er and general source of warmth.  Lucky you can't tell from the pictures quite how cold that wind was…
Yes i do indeed have a SEASIDE-Y moodboard on the go!

I finished off Sunday afternoon with a few laps of the park on WILLOW; which made the half a packet of chocolate covered GINGER biscuits i polished off before bed compleeetely not count.  I was merely replenishing lost sugar levels…

I also had a little passenger on the way home - a pretty little LADYBIRD i named Mabel. I liked how her spots were red and not black. Gotta love a ladybug who challenges trends! She rode all the way home on the little blue pom-pom attached to my handle bars.  Most sweet. 

Today was back to reality.  Tonight i am planning the loveliest candle-shaped bath with some Lush ROSE JAM bath Bubbleroon for extra bubbles.  But first i am off to fill my tummy with wholewheat spaghetti and meatballs.  

I hope you all had a marvellous Bank Holiday and the sunshine was out for at least a little bit of it… 


  1. Such beautiful photos again hun xx


  2. Beautiful pictures Sally :) Mabel is definitely a little style icon right there. xxx

  3. Your blog is so beautiful :) I'm following on gfc and twitter.

    Holly xoxo

  4. these photos are so beautiful xx

  5. What lovely photos, sounds like you had a great bank holiday despite the slight chill - classic Britain! xxx



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