Sunday, 23 November 2014

Miscellaneous Moments

INEVITABLY, when life and blogging go alongside each other so very closely - especially also given that this is in fact a lifestyle blog to boot - there will always be some photos that don't make the grade; moments captured that don't really have their place in a post cohesively thought out, planned and put together.  Who am i kidding?  Most of my posts come to be because of a certain photo I snap when out and about adventuring.  Most of my favourite posts to read however are the ones that really are just a selection of SNIPPETS out of a persons life - come on we are all a nosey parker at heart aren't we?  So this is just that.  The last ten days or so, all in one place.  And so a little bit about life at Tangle towers lately too.  See now i'm just SPOILING you!
This is what most of my camera roll consists of lately:  leaves and sky.  Sometimes, if i'm feeling really ADVENTUROUS, it will be leaves and feet.  The Mr joked last night that i'd never ever had a picture on my blog with my feet and the sky.  He's right you KNOW.  Why have i missed such an INGENIOUS opportunity?!  Once we realised said photo would involve me rolling around on my back with my feet up in the air and a camera in public we sort of went off the idea.  Especially given the time of year and all.  I can't help myself where out and about is concerned.  Everywhere is looking so flipping pretty this year.  Each time we slide into another season i am forever adamant that it is more BEAUTIFUL, more lovely and more enjoyable than it was this time last year.  Does anyone else feel that way?  I'm never sure if actually i just forget quite how wonderful it is until it comes around again.  
I am always in AWE of how much the light changes too.  I feel as if my days off are spent as outside as i can be for as long as i can be too.  Just because i know how little daylight there is now and how my days are only going to get shorter and shorter.  We have been so LUCKY with the weather and really only had the odd hazy, drizzly day.  It has to be a really awful day to stop my trailing those two wheels outdoors - it's my very favourite thing to do.  It clears my head, gives me time to think and gives my legs the exercise without me having to use too much brain power.  Over the past week or so i have also SPOTTED my fair share of squirrels, baby rabbits and the odd heron alongside the river.  It seems taking those two wheels out first thing has its benefits!
I'm not ALONE when i tell you that i love being cosy.  Whilst we can all also admit to loving bare legs, feeling the wind in our hair and slipping flip flops onto your feet for the first time; there is equally also nothing like the feeling of the FIRST time sleeping back in proper pyjamas complete with hot water bottle and the sweet little weight of a blanket across your legs.  When i haven't been outdoor lately, i have been PADDING about our little somewhere being cosy and getting accustomed to all my very favourite knitted layers from last year - with just a couple of new additions.  I have made it a ritual that any days off i have now, i start them with a big mug of tea in bed.  Funnily enough its a ritual that i am having no problems becoming accustomed to!  I have been adding BITS and BOBS to my Autumn and Winter mood boards too.  I am particularly enjoying putting together the Winter one:  Lots of cream cable knits, metallic touches and messy hair.  Which is your favourite?

Of COURSE i haven't been neglecting those wonderful skies that i love snapping so very much. Truth is it's just harder to get out and get them at their best now the nights are drawing in.  So less cloud-spam for your pretty faces i am afraid.  Lately our little rooftops seem to be where all of the birds gather to WISH each other sweet dreams.  The last few sunsets i have been lucky enough to be at home for (i do love watching the sun sink behind those sweet rooftops so) have been so beautiful.  The light in our living room is just MAGICAL.  Sunbeams dance along the wooden floors and it is the perfect place to curl up with a hot spiced chai tea and a walnut whip and a little blanket.  On the nights where i don't catch that sweet sunset i have been walking the slightly longer way home from work just so i can MARVEL at all of the fairy lights in the trees.  It sort of makes it a little bit more worthwhile!
*  *  *  
How is your Sunday LOOKING?  I am working today after a lazy Saturday off yesterday.  I had intended to do a little bit of Christmas shopping but that one didn't quite go to plan.  I had forgotten how busy Saturdays are!  I think i may have a mid-week wander next week.  I really need to step on it as i have hardly got any yet!  Tonight i shall be enjoying a bubble bath and hopefully a catch up with the Mr who has also been working all weekend.  We booked my BIRTHDAY trip to Edinburgh in December at the end of last week and so now we are just working out some kind of itinerary.  If we have a vague idea of what we are doing it reduces the risk of me spending the whole three days in Anthropologie…

Enjoy your LOVELY Sunday dear and lovely faces!


  1. I just bought some Christmas presents from Anthropologie and it was very difficult not to add anything for me - I resisted though! Don't work too hard today :)

  2. I can't even begin to describe how jealous I am of that tea shelf missy!
    Stephie from Tea in Your Twenties xx

  3. I love this collection of moments. I've been drawn to skies and twinkly lights and of course mugs of tea in bed for sure! x



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