Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #44

 Darling wonderful POPPITS! How the bobbins is it Wednesday again already?! I cannot believe that this time next week, yesterday i shall have turned thirty.  I have MIXED feelings about the whole she-bang to be completely honest.  I have days when i think 'yay we're going to Edinburgh and it's my birthday and it's three whole days off together  woo' (an extremely rare treat) and then days where i think 'heck i am thirty and not married, a house owner or know anything at all about the boiler in our kitchen.'  The latter part was proven on Monday night when we arrived home to a broken boiler.  More on that another time because this little post is all about POSITIVITY and there aint nowt positive about a broken boiler at this time of year!  How are your weeks going?  Mine is set to be a l-o-n-g one.  A late finish tonight and a 7am start on Thursday has me already looking forward to my day off on Friday!  Lets get on though shall we?  Time is precious!

* GLITTER.  It's the only time of the year that it become completely acceptable to add glitter to the every day without looking like you never left the nineties behind. This week i bought two sparkly tinsel-ey crowns and a super duper glittery Essie nail polish.  And that is not only totally fine, it's bloomin' exciting!

*  Christmas TREES.  I have started to notice the garages and supermarkets around and about us stock piling up their Christmas trees and it has made me a little bit giddy!  I love decorating our sweet little tree.  Each year we get a little teeny tiny real Christmas tree and i get to play around with where to hang all of the little ornaments we have collected.  It's also an excuse to have fairy lights that aren't just in the bedroom and to make paper chains too.  And all with a glass of mulled wine.  That's become a little tradition too.  Eeeeee!

*  The arrival of my most recent (and the last - well until after Christmas at least ) Ebay-shaped BARGAIN:  A rose gold brand new Cambridge Satchel!!  I shan't reveal the price but let's just say it was under £30!!!!  It might be my best find ever!!!  I gave her, her first outing on my day off on Tuesday and she was a little dream!  It's the size up from my minty green one so i can fit a little more inside and i just love the rose gold metallic leather.  No more ebay-ing until after Christmas now…promise!

*  MAXIMO PARK.  I mean i listen to them again after what must be at least…three years…?  Suddenly i am back at uni dancing like a lunatic until four in the morning.  If i stay out past 11pm now i need a week to recover!  It makes me wince to think i did that and made my 9am lectures.  Crikey.  I have been playing Maximo Park up loud all week - i just can't get enough.  I just love it when you rediscover a gem and suddenly you can be right back when, in just a few notes, just amazing.  

*  Sausages and mashed potato.  After last weeks macaroni cheese efforts i was sure i really couldn't manage sausages and mashed potato.  But since the Mr has worked pretty much the last ten days in a row i felt i owed him his request.  Man ALIVE i could have eaten it all over again as soon as i had finished!  I do not know where the hunger monster inside me came from!!!  It was just HEAVEN and came along on a perfect damp and drizzly day.  It was just delicious:  We bought our favourite pork and fennel sausages which i browned off first and then popped in the oven to finish off, alongside a little caramelised onion and a slathering of pear and ginger chutney.  Mmmmm!  We had them with colcannon, green beans and onion gravy.  Perfect Autumnal food if you ask me!

*  Warm MINCE PIES.  I haven't got around to making my own first batch yet…mostly due to the time factor but i also always worry that making a dozen mince pies means that we will polish off a dozen mince pies…Are you sensing a theme?!  We treated ourselves to a couple of mince pies, warmed them up in the oven for a five minutes and served them with a dollop of double cream.  This is all just insulation you realise…you know for the up and coming cold snap that we are bound to witness at some point?  

*  STRETCHES.  Silly simple really! You just can't beat the first s-t-r-e-t-c-h of the day you really can't.  I have been sleeping especially deeply this week - each day has left me throughly exhausted - and i feel as if it's taking me a good while to wake up on a morning.  A long stretch is just the ticket before you admit defeat to the day ahead and have snoozed your alarm for as long as is possible.  

*  SLIPPERS. I havent worn slippers for….well for years.  At least not since we have lived here and that's coming up to four years.  Our house just isn't very cold, and it's quite new and so i have always been happy padding around in bare feet.  Plus because our floors are mostly wooden, i quite like walking in bare feet on wooden floors.  I recently treated myself to a little pair of Boden's sweet pompom slippers and OH MY.  I am a slipper convert.  I might not be cold but man alive slippers are just the bees knees whatever the weather. Hands down the best feeling poppin' them pretty pompoms on first thing in the morning.  They are like a hug for my tootsies!

*  PEANUT BUTTER.  Always crunchy.  Always spread on toasted cranberry and raisin bread and always, perfect alongside a hot cup of chai tea on a morning.  Mmmm!  

*  Yellow ROSES in jam jars.  For brightening up our little attic bedroom when the daylight just doesn't last long enough.  

*  Christmas coffee DATES.  'Cos we don't really do dates.  But a cinnamon latte and sharing some kind of christmas confectionary novelty 'something' or other is just lovely lately.  Later opening hours means that we can sneak them in after work.  It reminds me of when we first met and we would sneak in coffee dates like this every day almost.  Now it's nice to tell each other about our respective days and watch the Christmas lights twinkle.  It's one of my very favourite things to do.  

*  A new HANDCREAM.   And remembering to apply it and to wear gloves to boot.  It makes my little paws smell just like Palma Violets and is packed full of cocoa and Shea butter and really helps keep my hands soft.  I just need to keep it up to avoid the sandpaper type hands that i always seem to acquire come this time of year!

What has been making your week all the more WONDERFUL so far then?  It doesn't matter how little or insignificant it might seem, being mindful of all of these things when other things get you down is what counts really.  In the grand scheme of everything, it's so easy to forget the tiny little pleasures, so I hope that by reading my little Wonderful Wednesdays, you shall learn to appreciate your special little things too.  Remember if you feel like sharing them you can drop me a lovely comment below, or you can always tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday too.  I'm @sallytangle.  

Enjoy the rest of your WEEK dear faces!

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