Thursday, 8 August 2013

Blue Drops

I have never harboured a love for one particular colour over the rest.  My peepers are far more likely to be drawn to a beautiful print than just one colour.  I mean how do you choose? Why not have them all?!  Having said that i have been noticing lately that i am drawn to things with a much BLUER or GREENER print.  In my slightly stress-y worrying frame of mind this last week or so (LONG STORY), i am finding this palette calming, relaxing and sleep inducing.  

I treated us (WELL ME I SUPPOSE SINCE THE MR WONT REALLY NOTICE) to a new duvet last weekend and i am far too excited to go to sleep tonight.  For calm, relaxing slumbers in my our new navy blue polka dot duvet and too many cushions and pillows.  In other news… 

Lately has been a lot about smells.  Freshly cut damp grass in the morning smells beautiful.  It's Summer in one single sniff with out a doubt.  The gentle perfume of wet FLOWERS on an early evening bike ride, after the rain has stopped.  Its so very hard to buy flowers that smell of anything anymore and because we don't have a garden; smelling that damp floral scent is heaven. It reminds me of being little.  When after tea playing in the garden seemed to last forever and all you could smell were sweet peas and grass.  
The best START to the days.  Toasted bloomer with lemon curd and squashed fresh raspberries. Divine!

The best MIDDLES to the day.  Fresh coffee in the prettiest William Morris cup, wearing the prettiest printed dresses.  Late afternoon pick me up's of Bluebird Tea Company VICKY'S SPONGE CAKE TEA and a sneaky slice of victoria sponge and fresh raspberries.  There are no words for how beautiful this delicate little tea tastes.  And i can confirm it also goes just perfectly with custard creams.  I am excited to try it with jam roly poly and custard when those nights are a little bit cooler.
  The best ENDS to the day.  Treats of the beer-y kind.  I have never been much of a beer drinker; often opting for a PIMMS and GINGER beer or a RASPBERRY mojito in the summer time.  This beer was unusually addictive.  It was a bit spicy, with hints of strawberry and rose petals.  Delicious ice cold after burgers and french fries.  

My week in CLOUDS.  Sunday's blue skied drive into clouds that just went on and on and were nestling in the prettiest blue sky.  Angry out of the blue kinds of clouds chasing me and Willow back from the park. We arrived home just before the heavens did their thing. The most perfect end of the day clouds.  Just when i think i have found the prettiest clouds imaginable, i fall in love all over again.  This was just as i was closing the window and putting my pyjamas on before munching on chocolate ginger biscuits and chai tea before bed.   I am so in love…until next week. 

The LITTLEST things.  I love underwear, i love print and i love jam.  These Whitestuff printed cotton knickers presented in a sweet little jam jar are PERFECT

It's worrying how very excited i am for clean bedding, freshly washed but damp hair, new underwear and sleeping with the window open still.  Im too easily pleased sometimes...

What has made everyone else's week lovely?


  1. The picture of the storm clouds is amazing xx


  2. Such lovely pictures as always, I don't know how you do it. You make moody skies over Carlisle look pretty! haha. Those knickers look amazing, such a cute idea. x

  3. Hope all this loveliness has stopped you from beig a stressy Sally! Hope you're ok lovely :).
    I need to try your incredible looking toast- I need a more exciting breakfast to start my day every once in a while. I love all those clouds, the sky is looking preet incredible of an evening at the moment!
    Have a nice weekend :) xxx

  4. This is so perfect. And those CLOUDS!! Just wow- we don't seem to ever get clouds like that here, for some sad reason. And I'm amazed at the sound of that toast- why have I never thought of it?! xx

  5. Such beautiful photos Sally! <3


    XOXO Sade

  6. LOVE the colour of the clouds in the cloudy picture!x

  7. There are so many nice things about this post Sally, I want to comment on everything but will probably forget!
    I laughed out loud about the duvet thing - Jonathon would be just the same! He'd say 'yeh yeh its nice' but he wouldn't appreciate it in the same way I would. I expect its the same your end, but I hope you enjoyed it!! I love the green & blue theme going on in all these pictures, very very nice! And the spoon to eat that cake with is really lovely - I'm going to hunt for some quirky cutlery over the next few years.

    Also you are amazing at taking photographs of the weather from a perspective that makes you feel like you're just there - such gorgeous pictures!!


  8. this all looks so lovely and gorgeous!

  9. I absolutely love the way you write! This is such a lovely post. I really find that blues and greens are calming as well. And who doesn't love tea, yummy treats, and adorable knickers?!

  10. Those clouds are breath taking. Thanks you for sharing. Your blog is truly lovely


  11. So much pretty! I agree with Jo, you sure do make Carlisle look beautiful :)



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