Round and About

Hello.  I felt the need to title this post as such because i didn't realise until i gathered up my pictorial loveliness from the past few days; quite how many things were round. Genius.  Shakespeare has nothing on me.  

For those of you who don't know (AND WHY WOULD YOU), i am on holiday this week.  Jollies.  Holibobs. Adventures.  Whatever you may care to call it. Not in the proper 'sandcastles, planes and beaches' sense of the word (I WISH), just in the 'i'm not at work' sort of way.  But that's okay.  I have so far, had a largely sunny and beautiful week and so i shan't complain.  And i am ready for it.  Gearing my self up for the dreaded summer sale that looms once i return to work…I digress.
Good starts to the day.  I make no secret of the fact that i love breakfast.  I could quite happily eat cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt and/or various warm pastries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I cant do that now i live with a man who needs meat. 
*     *     *
It has also been the nicest feeling to have someone else's alarm go off in the morning and know you don't have to get up.  That if you like, you could quite happily an excusably spend all day in bed.  I don't.  But it's nice to have the option.   I have also been having the strangest dreams.  Last night i dreamt that the Mr left me in the car to get petrol.  Whilst he was getting petrol.  I leant over the handbrake (NO IDEA WHY) and the car started to roll down the hill.  Luckily i managed to steer the car to the bottom of the hill and press the brake pedal with my hand (AS YOU DO) to make it stop.  I then got out and drove back up the hill to re-park at the petrol station so that the Mr wouldn't notice.  I am not sure where this craziness comes from.

BLUE skied early morning bike rides are the best thing.  I have been doing more laps simply because it is all so so pretty at the moment.  My ears have mostly been loving this this (IS IT ME OR WERENT MAROON 5 SO MUCH BETTER BEFORE THEY DISCOVERED MICK JAGGER AND HIS MOVES) and this as i go. More blossom being blown away from the prettiest yellow-ey specimen of a tree.

Eating and slurping on the most delicious things.  Elderflower fizz , white wine and fresh strawberries; chicken, avocado, roast vegetables and giant cous cous with good old handful of rocket-ey goodness.  Sweet afternoon TREATS of rose and lemon turkish delight and rose creams.  And the best thirst quencher for warm days - ice cold water with lots of torn up mint leaves. Also good with a few slices of CUCUMBER in too.  Mmmm!  

Lazy afternoons at HOME with the windows wide open and the sunlight tickling the wooden floors; LAVENDAR earl grey and a little scrap booking inspiration for good measure.  

In other news, the lovely folks at Stylefruits have nominated me, sort of as their 'one to watch' blog, along with some lovely other beans.  Stylefruits are a sweet little website where you can create online collages and 'outfits' made up from current hight street finds.  Rather like the younger, twice removed second cousin of Polyvore.  Every month they pick a few blogs they have been loving and put them to a vote to see who their fans like most.  Sallytangle is currently last (SNIFF) but if you would be so kind, you can vote for me here and give a little blog a helping hand.
*   *   *  
Tonight we are having delicious lamb pastries with lots of salad-ey green goodness and homemade raita and pitta breads. And then i will probably have a bath and sing to Ellie Goulding. Not at her, just along to her songs. 

I hope i find you all well?