Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday in Senses

Sunday is my favourite day of the week hands down.  I am rarely lucky to bag a whole weekend off work, but Sundays, well i only work one in three.  There is nothing nicer than sinking into bed late on a saturday evening, knowing that you can sleep until your eyes want to wake up and indulge in a more luxurious breakfast and two cups of tea instead of just one.  Today i thought i would share my favourite day in 'senses' with you…

Birds twittering to each other before Mr sunshine could even open his eyes / the wind whistling through my ears, hair and little self as i tried to cycle a few laps of the park this morning / John Legends new album on Spotify - except mainly just repeating my favourite song.  Eventually i shall get round to loving the rest just as much! / Ed sheeran on bike rides / the washing machine spinning round and round on its gazillionth load of towels, bedding etc - Sunday jobs / rain spots so faint on the attic window and being glad to be inside.

Kisses on my forehead in the morning / tired after more sleep than usual - my body could just sleep and sleep and never have enough / the wind try to pull my little pink angora hat from my head on this mornings bike ride / a large cappuccino fill up those sleepy peepers of mine as i wandered in the fresh air this morning / like i could eat forever today - but that is standard sunday behaviour and i am sure it is just my body's way of fuelling up for another busy week / in love and grateful and content / constantly inspired by these devils::

  ^These^ two for making me feel calm cosy and sleepy.  For rosey pinks, bright whites and pale baby blues. For making me want to wear old silky smocks over white tshirts for bed.  For whimsical dreams, slept in plaits and curls and kisses before falling into the deepest most heavenly sleep.
 ^This^ one for being my go-to 'what can i wear - i can wear anything with anything' board.  For prints piled atop prints and for windswept hair, pale english rose skin and lip-balmed lips.  for tea and scones, spots and stripes and being British. 
Hot and melty butter and maybe a bit too much of it on the hugest toasted teacake-shaped breakfast / oodles of milky lady grey tea alternated with glasses of ice-cold water / earl grey lipbalm on my lips which i cannot help but run my little tongue over whenever i apply it  - which sort of defeats the object / Spring rain droplets on my lips / chocolate dusting from above cappuccino / the best colcannon mash of my life.
The Mr's pillow after he snuck out far too early this morning / Spring rain on early shoots of wild garlic / freshly ground coffee / fresh linen scented candles / damp towels hung over warm radiators / Lush american cream conditioner and daddio shampoo on hair damp from the hottest steamiest late afternoon shower / a clean white tshirt after said shower.

Flecks of daylight peeping and sneaking through our attic window blind this morning / next doors ginger tabby cat itching itself on a brambly-looking bush / lots of people also struggling to pedal against the wind this morning - all much more suitably dressed and not with a bumble-bee printed silk scarf blowing into their eyes like me / the first bluebells and even what looked like white bluebells in the woods / colour everywhere - even against a grey, blustery cumbrian sky it made me smile / wild garlic and anticipating all of the wild garlic and walnut pesto i want to make soon / the sweetest vintage Liberty print dress in a charity shop.  Trying it on and realising it requires some major alterations or a lot of cake to fit / trendy half term teenagers / how much my clothes space needs a good sort out!
How has your day been?  If you shared a similar post i would love you to leave a link! Or indeed if you fancy sharing something similar.  Sending you all of the love xx


  1. Loving this post, fresh linen candles are an all year round scent for me x

  2. Just discovered your blog and I love the first post I've read! Lots of lovely other posts too by the looks of things :)

  3. This post is awesome! I've never thought of doing a post like this!

  4. This is a great post idea, I love that you've listed things here that most people don't give a second thought to, but which are things we all appreciate.

  5. This post has really inspired me to think about my own senses today! Its amazing how easily we forget them so thank you!



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