Saturday, 12 April 2014

Lessons Learnt 2

A short while ago i wrote a little spur of the moment post about what i had learnt about myself and life.  You can read it HERE.  I enjoyed writing it ever so much, as is usually the very case when something is spur of the moment.  The ever so darling Kate of Appreciate the Day blog  suggested it would be lovely as a mini-series.  And i have been toying with the idea and decided that she was probably right.  So here you are my dear!  A series of Sally Tangled thoughts on the week.  In the past i have shyed away from regular posts and always written to your dear faces as and when time has allowed and when i have felt most inspired. But it is not always possible to spend hours frolicking under blossom, drinking endless mugs of lady grey and eating breakfast from dusk 'til dawn.  So this year i got my organisation groove on and have really been enjoying sharing my life a little more regularly with you all. In between those dreamy snippets when time and life allows.  What has this week taught me and my cheeks then?

*  That BLUE skies are always best.  I am and always will be a morning person.  It takes me my time to leave a warm and cosy duvet, but once i am up i enjoy tootling about and having time to myself with a massive bowl of porridge.  What this week has taught me is how much more energy, bounce and enthusiasm i have for the day if there's a jolly great blue sky to greet my sleepy peepers!  Those grey days have me in my floral cotton pyjamas and oversized woolly cardigans until at least ten minutes before i leave the house!

*  That i need to EAT.  Some people can go hours without eating.  Some people can eat a massive huge breakfast and not want to eat a single thing until tea time.  Can i tell you something?  I really like to eat.  If i could eat and sleep all the live long day then i would.  I would be quite suited to being a hamster i often think.  I cannot, i repeat cannot go for hours on end without eating.  I become monster for one, a hunger-fuelled Jekyll and Hyde monster that nobody needs to see.  But more importantly my concentration and energy really suffer as i just want to curl up in a ball and sleep.  For me a big healthy breakfast is key.  Then a little snack at 11am.  Usually a handful of almonds, a flapjack or a fruit smoothie. Then a small healthy lunch.  A little snack late afternoon.  A little tea and then a little snack before bed. That is also usually fruit or nuts.  Sometimes it might be a custard cream or two.  The Mr used to make fun of me for carrying my little tin of nuts wherever we went.  Until he experienced the hungry me.  Now he knows better…
*  That you really can be influenced and INSPIRED by anything!  This week i took 'dressing for the weather' to a new level by resembling what can only be described as rain showers with sunny spells.  Luckily there was no lightening…that i know of!  It constantly amazes me the things that can create a little inspirational 'ping' in my little head.  It really can be anything and that inspiration often comes out in what i wear.  I think you can tell an awful lot about what somebody is wearing.  Lucky i wasn't wearing a frown to match those horrid grey skies!

*  That i need to take CONTROL of things more.  I feel like lately i have so many thoughts and ideas whizzing atop that blonde mop of mine and i am not doing anything with them!  Life is short, and this week has had me realising how quickly it can be taken with you at a moments notice and how precious it is.  I need to stop doubting myself and just grab opportunities with both hands and give things a go.
*  I always shy away from YELLOW.  For the simple reason that i have always believed that i look too yellow wearing it.  It's a colour i LOVE on others and this week i learnt to think 'sod it'.  I like it, who cares what skin tone i have? What colour my hair is? There are far more important things to fret over.  And you know what? I wore it with a big smile and mountains of energy and positive beans galore and so i think i pulled it off.
*  That waffles FIX everything.  They certainly fixed my 'it's Saturday and everyone else is having a lie-in and two days off' feeling at 6am on Saturday last weekend.  You can't beat the feeling that eating just the right thing at just the write moment gives.  There is nothing like warm buttery waffles with a delectable dollop of black cherry and vanilla compote and a dusting of icing sugar.  I ate three and they made me SO happy.  
*  That old school CUTTING and STICKING is still my very favourite thing to do.  

In other news this week…

*  I was inspired HUGELY by Beetas words on feeding the soul HERE .  That girls' writing is the perfect kind of thought provoking, inspirational loveliness that you just would not believe and is my go-to read when i want to feel fired up, inspired and proud to be me.

*   I bought this dress HERE and also another blue and white breton tee.  I can't decide about the dress.  Each time i try it on i feel wonderful.  Then i remember we might not have a real 'get your legs out Summer' and wonder if i can pull off turquoise tights and my super-soft oversized 'wear with everything and even pyjamas' rose pink cardigan.

*  I have been toying with purchasing another Cambridge Satchel. I can't really afford it.  That is all we shall say on that matter.  But i would like to add that if i didn't live with the Mr i could totally live on porridge until the end of the month.  

*  Bulgar wheat and quinoa rock.  Who am i? I have ben trying to mix up my grains.  I know, wild yes?  I love pasta and bread and i usually favour the wholemeal variety but i have been switching up my usual lunches for salads and soups using bulgar wheat and quinoa and i am LOVING it.  

*  Drinking chai tea with milk.  Don't fret i have still been slurping Lady Grey with my morning porridge, but lately i have been re-kindling my love of super soothing milky cinnamon chai tea on an evening.  

*  Feeling inspired by THIS lady on Pinterest.  I spent the best part of three hours flipping through her boards and i am not shamed to admit it felt fab.  Don't you love finding Pinterest soul-mates? No? Just me?

What have you all planned for the weekend? And what LESSONS have you learnt about yourself over this last week? I would love for you to let me know!


  1. I have to eat too, I don't understand how people can go all day without eating and not even realise, whilst Im starving by lunchtime even after having had a breakfast! I've come to terms that I need to eat, and if I don't I'm a moody, angry, rubbish person to be around. So food is staying a big party of my day.
    This week I've learnt I need to be kinder to myself and to appreciate that sometimes I need a break, to stop chill out and not doing anything for a while, and that everything won't fall to pieces if I decide to stay in bed and watch netlix all day. On the other hand I've also learnt, if I want to do things I need to go do them, and staying in bed all day watching netflix won't get me a job, or an internship or a great grade at uni and these are things I need to work my butt off for. With the occasional bed and netflix day! :)
    Great post, Im new to your blog but can tell Im going to love it.
    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

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  3. This is a great post! Learning to be kinder to yourself is really important (and if that includes wearing yellow, then you go!) I salute you.

    Alessia |

  4. This post is perfect, you can just tell it comes straight from the heart :) I love posts like this. I totally agree with you on all points, I NEED to eat otherwise I end up feeling unwell and grumpy for the rest of the day! x

    Megan /



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