Thursday, 10 April 2014

Currently 12

It's taken me a little while to fall in love with BLUE.  We have always got on, i have just never really understood what all of the fuss was about until lately.  Truth is i don't even know where this sudden all consuming and deep love has come from.  All i do know is that lately i have really felt drawn to all hues of blues and everything that goes in between.
*  *  *
BLUE for me invigorates.  It is the colour of feeling clean, fresh and alert and feels even better paired with white.  BLUE and white, is surely up there with all the other fantastical combinations like tea and toast; bacon and eggs or coffee and chocolate.  It's a colour i feel often drawn to when i need a boost.  You can have all of your brights and citrus-ey, zingy colour collaborations, but there isn't anything that brings me bouncing back to earth more than an inky BLUE.  I have recently been ever so inspired by dip-dyes, ombres and tie dyes galore.  Heavens nothing has escaped my cold water dye clutches in our little somewhere!! And i have particularly been enjoying anything with a BLUE hue, amongst those ballsy little pops of neon i love equally.  
*  *  *
BLUE has also been featuring heavily in my Spring wardrobe in the form of two new BLUE and white printed blouses.  Wearing those little devils are a dream i can tell you.  My sleep troubles have all but been solved (i like to think) by digging out our old bright white and navy BLUE spotted duvet.  Curling up underneath that cotton BLUE dream with a scented candle and a good book is sorting my silly sleeping dreams out a treat!

Are you a BLUE lover like me?  New to the party or is it an old favourite?!
(you can find all of the images in this post on my Pinterest HERE)  


  1. Blue is a colour I love, but NEVER seem to buy anything in...I don't know why because I always get told I really suit it?! Hrmm, one of life's mysteries aye? Think it might be one of those things were it's almost too cliche for a blonde with blue eyes to always rock blue clothes...know what I mean? Probably not, but hey ho!


  2. The influx of baby blue items in shops has made me fall in love with blue all over again! x

    Megan /



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