Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 11

How do you DO? Another Wednesday and all the positive thoughts of the week are here right before my peepers and i can barely believe it! I am a walking talking CONTRADICTION lately.  Exclaiming at one moment that i cannot simply believe that we are in April.  APRIL already.  Yet i simultaneously 'can't wait 'till Spring really Springs' or 'till i can slurp ice-cream cones with raspberry sauce and wander along the beach on a summer day' or that 'i can't wait until i can wear summer dresses and bare legs and eat lamb shish kebabs with minty lemon-ey natural yoghurt.'  In short, i always CAN'T WAIT.  But rest assured as much as i am wishing and wanting time away whilst gasping at the speed it is going, i am enjoying the ride too i promise.  Cross my heart…

*  Finding old GEMS.  I have been trying to have a little bit of a sort out of stuff and things in our spare room (read: my unintentional walk in wardrobe), call it a Spring clean if you will.  I LOVE coming across old things that I had forgotten about.  All of a sudden a deep love for something is rekindled, along with all of the memories that went along with it.  I stumbled across my little pretty lightening bolt brooch which i used to wear ALWAYS whilst i was at uni.  Pinning this glittery little blighter on my dark grey velvet blazer this week has had me feeling like a little rain-cloud.  I am already conjuring up other combinations involving this sweet little gem.  

*  Spring rain.  Definitely distinctive SPRING RAIN.  The sort of rain that feels warm, smells of damp grass, drenched tarmac and sodden flowers and doesn't really drench you.  No, it sort of tickles your eyelashes and clings to your hair and feels heavy and sweet to breathe in on a late afternoon bike ride.  The sort of rain that you don't mind every once in a while.

*  Fluorescent WASHI tape.  As if i need an excuse to buy anymore of that stuff?! I mean the rolls of tape i own now have reached what can only be described as ridiculous levels.  We are not really a 'photos around the home' sort of twosome.  But we have got various momentums, greetings cards and odd photos dotted about.  I have been sneakily replacing the blu-tac with neon washi tape.  It is fuelling that neon addiction of mine a treat.  

*  Figgy FLAPJACKS.  What is it about flapjacks that makes you think you are being healthy?! They somehow fill a void no other snack fills for me.  A really comforting, energy fuelling, oaty-syrup-ey loveliness that no other anything fixes.  This week i have been especially hungry.  Do you ever get that? Sometimes i feel as if i could eat forever.  Last night i had two bowls of granola and ice-cold milk before bed.  I am digressing.  Adding figs to a basic flapjack is some kind of CRAZY genius and gives a super earthy, rich and sticky yumminess that is just flapjack HEAVEN.  

*  Original source COCONUT shower-gel.  This product needs no other explanation really, it just smells like HEAVEN.  It's like summer in a shower.  Not that awfully artificially scented overly sweet coconut scent.  It's rich, heady and with a freshness that is perfect for before bed relaxation or early morning wake me ups too.  And its 100% organic and costs £2.  Do you even need anymore convincing?!

*  Baby LOTION.  I am SO easily lured into buying a body lotion by its packaging. It's name.  It's scent.  Call it a body souffle and i can't pile into my basket quick enough.  It's too often shameful.  I am also ashamed to say i have tried some preeety expensive ones too.  Yet still i come back to Johnson's Baby Lotion and i love love LOVE it.  A perfect light scent, not too overpowering and the perfect consistency to throw clothes or pyjamas on after a quick shower.  Why do i torture myself with always thinking i'll find better?

*  Pinterest.  I cannot believe this time last year that site wasn't even in my life.  Now i use it as a constant inspiration (read:  every night curled up under the duvet.  Pinning myself to sleep…REALLY) in everything and have found some SUCH fabulous recipes and really inspirational people too.  I like it alot.  One downside is that it's a sure-fire way to lose a day…or two.  Ps if you should so care to follow my pictorial journey and can keep up, you can follow me HERE.  

WONDERFUL inspirational beeeans, what has been floating your boat this week?! What body lotion do you use?!  Do you like flapjacks?!  Tell me what has been making you happy you beautiful lot.  Reading your comments makes my whole WEEK


  1. Anything with a coconut scent always gets my vote x

  2. I loveeeeeee Johnson's Baby Lotion too - I use it as make up remover :) I also like things with Shea butter in them yum yum yum xxxxx

  3. Spring rain is romantic :X The smell of coconut is amazingly exotic, I love it too!



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