Saturday, 5 April 2014

Week of Calm

 It has been a funny old WEEK.  I am still struggling with my sleep this week which for me, a little bit impacts on everything else in life! I am putting it down to being in work, then off work. Then in work, then off work.  I need to get back into some kind of night time routine instead of munching biscuits and camomile tea at silly o' clock!  Despite my sleepiness it has been a productive week at Monsoon Towers, what with window changes, floor-moves and 'Spring-ifying' our little shop beyond belief.  It looks a delight or colour, print and pattern and i want to own it all.

Due to my lack of sleep i feel as if i have been DOZY, superbly dizzy and silly and drawn to pales, pastels and the softest fabrics this week.  I am constantly amazed at how much colour plays a part in my day-to-day mood and inspiration.  It wasn't so long ago that i was harping on about all things bright, brilliant and neon.  Whilst i still feel inspired by those things, this week has had me enjoying a pastel palette of pale bluebell blues, baby pinks and mint greens layered with my favourite white cotton tees and (often) pyjama trousers.  The weather too has been a bit inconsistent:  drizzly, grey and hazy sunshine instead of those bright and brilliant blue skies of a few weeks back.  My photos tell a pretty pastel sleepy tale too…

HAZY skies and blustery Springtime breezes had me indulging in the prettiest white cotton ruffled smock top on my day off on Wednesday and gazing lovingly at more blossom trees.  I also took some blossom cuts to pop about our little somewhere and stumbled upon a letter 'S' in a local giftshop. I haven't decided what to do with it just yet.  It's currently sitting pretty on stack of magazines that run along the big wall in our living-room.  

Falling head over HEELS for this pretty printed blouse which i wish with all my heart came in all of the colours under the sun, moon and stars.  It reminds me of willow pattern teacups, fresh bed linen or wildflowers growing in a pretty glade.  It's also the softest cotton and the perfect fit as well.  I can imagine wearing it tied in a pretty knot over a long cornflower blue skirt or open over the top of a red and white breton tee and indigo skinny jeans.  I just cannot get enough of blues and pinks against my skin lately. 

Yesterday's day off was of the grey variety.  Grey skies and air so damp, misty and deliciously greenly scented that you only had to be outside for ten minutes and your hair was double its size! I cycled and cycled until my legs hurt and enjoyed the damp air filling my little lungs and tugging at the hair peeping out from underneath my woollen hat.  I admired the tiniest rain droplets on branches filled with buds and ready to bloom.  It was an afternoon for grey marl t-shirts and soft pale blue skinny jeans.  And for late afternoon cuddles on the sofa, magazine reading and homemade carrot and orange soup for tea.
Despite the fact that my SLEEPING patterns have been all over the place, it doesn't stop me wanting to spend my time curled up in here.  I'd stay in bed until lunchtime if i could and if there were no jobs to do!  Not sleeping, just being.  Reading a book, flipping and folding over pages in magazines with a candle lit and the radio on.  It's my most favourite place to be.  Well except for the beach.  Or a springtime walk in a green forest.  Or maybe a jaunt around a pretty little town or village.  But right now, it's pretty high up on that list.  

Enjoy your weekend DEAR faces! And make sure its an especially deliciously LAZY one!


  1. I have had the absolute sleepiest week, too. My sleeping patterns have been so weird, I'm out like a light at 10.30pm but wake up full of energy and ready to get up at about 3.30am! Until I crash then in the middle of the day, So frustrating.


  2. Sounds like you're getting all ready for spring and summer, Sal! I feel much the same - I keep washing my few favourite things so I can wear them over and over again...White cotton t-shirts, grey jogging bottoms (for the house), pink crocheted cardigans and a blue polka dot shirt. Spring colours!!

    Rest up if your body wants it, girl. :)


  3. Sally, I love getting lost in your lovely lovely writing and beautiful pictures. They kind of just leave me stunned and I feel that nothing I say back can match your magnificence. So sorry to hear you're still not sleeping well - have you tried any breathing exercises? xxxxxx

  4. I found your blog last week through another blog that recommended it, I love it! It makes me feel so much more positive about life and take time to appreciate the little things that make us happy. Cannot stop reading!
    P.s maybe you could decoupage that letter 'S' in your favourite papers..

  5. I love your writing Sally!! Make sure you try to rest and yes, get a little routine going so you can get some sleep. If I couldn't sleep, I'd be miserable! And your blouse is so pretty too- absolutely perfect for spring!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer



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