Thursday, 3 April 2014

Currently 11

( All images taken from my Pinterest HERE )

CURRENTLY dreaming of all these things!  Of pale pinks and dusky roses and all of the softest fabrics to wrap around my bare skin.  Linen and cotton bed-linen freshly washed and sunlight pouring through an open window.  Waking up from whimsical dreams with hair damp from the night before and a pillow filled with the scent of violet shampoo.
*   *   *  
The deepest darkest indigo skinny jeans worn with the softest, silkiest peterpan-collared blouses and vintage lace bra hiding underneath.  Messy and un-brushed hair and pale pink nails with the finest rose gold skinny bands layered upon my fingers.  Oversized tweed boyfriend blazers and holding hands whilst wandering on a drizzly day.

I could quite happily FALL into these images.

What have i made you THINK of?

1 comment:

  1. This sweet pink reminds me of my Mum :) I love love love the jacket xxxxx



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