Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 10

HELLO dear readers and generally lovely people that you are! How has your week been so far?  Mine has felt like a LONG one as i worked all weekend just gone.  That combined with losing a cheeky little hour on Sunday has left me feeling a little upside down and inside out! I have however been revelling in my wander home each night since, and feeling like the evenings are lasting forever! What else has been keeping a smile on my rosey cheeks then?

1  Having somebody stop me in the supermarket yesterday lunchtime and say that they really enjoyed reading my blog and monthly column in our local magazine.  I went very red.  And said thank you an unseasonable amount.  And told her to have a lovely day.  My heart felt sincerely WARMED and i am ever so grateful for all of the opportunities this little space has brought me and for all of you that stop by to read and comment.  Thank you a million times over.

2  Having an impromptu CATCH UP with my younger sister.  There is nothing better after a long Sunday at work.  That girl is an inspiration to me and sometimes it feels like she is the older of us both.  Until she tells me she has been wearing her tights backwards all day and then i am brought back down to earth.  I do love that dizzy little donut and i got home feeling like my cheeks were aching and i had a sore throat from chitter-chattering too much.

3  Not wearing a scarf or mittens and feeling WARM.  I love the excuse to dig out all of my knitted apparel before the leaves have barely turned come autumn.  But this winter of drizzle and icy winds has felt like it has gone on forever!  I am welcoming wearing my vintage grey velvet blazer with pretty blouses, and my quilted floral navy spring jacket.  It's funny that in winter often there are days when you cannot ever imagine how it feels to be warm outside.  Yet one breath of spring and winter and all of its numb fingers and drippy noses are all but forgotten!

4  Having a HAIR cut after what feels like forever.  Well at least three months.  When my hair was long i could skip the hairdresser for an embarrassing amount of time thanks to plaits, top knots and 'bed head' bouffant-ing to the max.  Now my hair is shorter, there is only so long that you can pull of the unkempt, fizz bomb that my blonde mop inevitably turns to.  I am feeling a little sleeker, softer and generally healthy in the wig department and there are far less tangles in the mornings now. And i am using that extra tangle-time ever so wisely.  (read:  extra ten minutes in duvet-land).  

5  BIRDSONG.  Do birds even sing in the winter? Did i actually just ask that?! There has been one little bird sat on our roof every morning just before my alarm goes off at 6:45am.  I don't even mind!  He chirrups the prettiest little song at the top of his little feathery lungs and even if the sky is grey as i poke my nose out from under the duvet; hearing that little critter cheers me up no end.

6  Two days off.  Because i worked Sunday last weekend, i am off today, Friday and then on Sunday too.  When i have ran myself ragged at Monsoon Towers on the Saturday, the thought of being in work the next day is GRIM.  Then when it gets to today i know i have a few days off ahead and that feels pretty fab. I am also feeling extra smug as i have tickled about our little somewhere and most housework is complete and so i have my days off to take those two wheels out and just tootle about as i please! 

7  Innocent Super Smoothies.  Has anyone else tried these yet?!  They are YUM.  They are a new take on the usual Innocent fruit smoothie but they contain ingredients aimed at giving you an extra boost such as flax seeds, guarana and wheat grass.  There are three varieties and my absolute favourite HAS to be the Detox smoothie. Its made from kiwi, lime, flax seeds and wheat grass.  Its a saviour when i hit that 11am 'isn't it lunch yet?!' slump at work.  Paired with a sneaky handful of almonds, it keeps me hopping and skipping happily until my lunch time.

8  Sainbury's Cotton refresher oil.  Burning this GEM of an incense oil in our clay burner in the hall makes our little attic smell of fresh washing.  I feel as if this needs no extra exlaining. After all who doesn't like the smell of fresh linen??!

Come on now! What has been keeping you happy and making your week more bearable so far this week?  I LOVE to read your comments!  And if you have any similar posts do give me a tweet or email so i can have a peep too.

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