Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 7

Hello and a happy mid-week to all your beautiful faces - i can hardly believe i am here again already with my words of wisdom cheer and SUNBEAMS!  I hope i find you all well? And that this week has been treating you well.  And if not, well maybe reading a little list of what has been making my week a little brighter might just make you think of the good things in your little world, wherever you are!

*  Heading right to the very TOP of this little list without a shadow of a doubt is daylight! How lovely is it to wake up to daylight?! And even better, to go home on an evening with the day still hanging on in there, even if it is just for a few minutes.  I have spent a large proportion of this week running around thinking that i am late, late LATE, purely because it has been so much lighter and brighter!  I have even been stirring before my alarm and feeling ready to face the world.  

*  A Sunday and Monday off.  Two days in a row in my profession are like GOLD dust.  It actually feels like you have had a little rest when you have two days off.  And there is something ever so indulgent about having a Monday off work.  It is officially the worst day of the week and the hardest to get motivated for and so spending an hour with nothing but a toasted teacake, lady grey and a very soft blanket curled up on the sofa with aaall of the cushions; felt a little like a lot of a TREAT.  

*  Making TIME for each other.  Sunday is the first actual whole day off i have had with the Mr in weeks.  Despite living together and being ever so thankful to have his face there to witter away to and to rest my head against before i fall asleep, its rare we actually make time to spend together.  Unless you count our brilliant thai green curry team-work.  We didn't do anything extraordinary except watch a film until late on saturday, sleep until we woke up sunday and tootle into the Lakes to a sweet little art gallery.  Then we filled our tummy's with a late pizza Express lunch.  It was a jolly good day.

*  Baby lotion.  It is hands down the best all over body MOISTURISER before bed and you can't beat a hot shower, a good slug of baby lotion and clean pyjamas.  Then clean sheet-sundays.  It is the stuff all of the dreams are made of my friend let me tell you.

*  Walnut WHIPS with mini-eggs on top.  Do i even need to explain why this is so good and great and basically my dream come true?!  M&S have pulled it out the bag again!

*  Fluorescent all kinds of THINGS.  Okay so i am bit late to this party but i am really loving little flashes of fluorescent anythings of everythings.  I bought the prettiest bright pink tape for my mood-boards at the weekend and i have all kinds of ideas for some bright orange fabric paint and some old white tshirts. I am also severely tempted to dip-dye some bed-linen in bright pink too.  Not altogether sure quite how the Mr would feel about that one though…

*  Anthropologie and more specifically, Anthropologie home-ware.  I am lucky enough to not live near a store.  I say this because if i did i would most likely be bankrupt and survive on only porridge.  As it is i spent a little more than i probably should have.  I treated myself to some beautiful bowls at the start of the week and i am BEYOND excited to receive them.  Who am i?!

What has been filling your world with smiles this week so far LOVELY faces?! I would love for you all to leave me at least one thing that has made you face beam as bright as the sun and blown those nasty rain clouds away!!


  1. walnut whips and fluro things. you're my kindred. x

  2. Oh I 250 thousand % agree with you on the daylight thing. I'm not so bad as to have s.a.d but the winter does get me down and so all these beautiful bright mornings are a god send.

    Hope you have a great week.
    Best wishes,
    Danielle x

  3. Walnut whips with mini eggs!?! Where can I get me some of these sweet indulgent dreams - I love walnut whips except the walnut lol so always take that bit off,
    I love your positive posts like this they always make me smiley and happy :)

    Jenni x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  4. The sunlight in the evening has just been amazing, leaving work at 5:30 pm in daylight - WOW! And each day it seems to be getting that little bit lighter, it makes me so happy :D Soon I might be able to stop popping my vitamin D tablets ;)

    Making time for each other is so important, life just zooms past so so fast ... quite often in the evenings I'm sat here blogging and Simon is doing his thing and it gets to bedtime and we realise we've barely hung out :(

    Oooooooooooooh you've made me think .. I should go to M&S and check out their Easter treats! Thanks for the reminder.

    mmmmmmmmmmm, what's made me happy this week .. I bought a GORGEOUS bunch of pink and white tulips from Asda to brighten up the flat and they only cost me £2.50 ... now that made me :D




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