Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #236

 {When Autumn gets it really gets it right!}
Hello!  How do you do?  I'm calling this 'the thirty minute edition' since as that's the only physical time i have to write this weeks post on Tuesday evening in amongst general life admin, a hyper 'wants to play with and eat everything' puppy and the time to actually make and eat food.  Oh and The Great British Bake Off.  But hopefully you wont begrudge me that one luxury?!  Will you....?!

This week has gone before it's barely started.  I'm in Edinburgh tomorrow - locked up in a hotel doing a presentation that i feel very under-prepared for despite feeling like i have spent forever preparing.  Oh the irony.  Wish me luck!  But for now we better get our skates on because i'm already ten minutes in......

1.  Cold nights.  A bitter sweet one because with them come the sure-fire looming of really cold nights!!!  BUT there is something comforting about blankets, lamplight, lighting 'spiced anythings' candles and sleeping all bundled up in pyjamas and a great big cloud of a duvet.  I hope i haven't peaked too soon!

2.  Porridge.  I write this like i ever stopped eating it for breakfast over Spring and Summer.  I most certainly did not BUT this week i've been enjoying adding cinnamon, cardamom and hedgerow blackberries AND drizzling it with local honey.  There's nothing more worth getting out of bed for as far as i'm concerned.  It's the only reason.

3.  Puppy cuddles.  An actual rarity.  This gal just wants to go, go GO at a million miles an hour and is still finding her way quite a lot of the time with those puppy teeth!  BUT if you get her first thing on a morning or last thing at night - the sweet spot is usually right before we got to bed and have to wake her up to pop her in the garden - she is THE sweetest most cuddly floppy little chocolate bean  and i just hope she'll be like that a lot more as she gets bigger.

4.   Tea.  Steamy hot tea drunk a lot more hurriedly than ever used to be AND usually with one eye on a puppy in the garden who wants to eat ALL of the 'Everythings' and the other on where the nearest poo bag might be.....How times have changed.  There's something quite nice about hot tea drunk in the garden in your pyjamas as the sun rises....

5.  Challenging oneself.  Even if i wouldn't have actively volunteered to do a presentation at work and have sort of been rail-roaded into it, it has been rather nice doing something outside of my comfort zone and re-remembering skills i only really used last when i was a uni and THAT was far too long ago to admit to now.  As for how the standing up infront of people will go....well i guess i'll let you know....

*  *  *

And i'm DONE! Short and sweet this week and tip-tapping out as fast as my little fingers will let me!  I hope you don't mind...?!  I'm mere seconds away from that oven timer going off and i can hear that puppy dog scampering about downstairs!

But go!  Go and fill your hearts with more wonderful and more Wednesday and skip right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's to catch their very own take on #wonderfulwednesday.

And i'll be more wordfully back this time next week....

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  1. You made me realise I have forgotten to watch Bake off this week, the horror! A fabulous list, even considering it was a 30 minute edition. I hope your presentation went well. I know how you feel about those. The idea of them is awful, but the after feeling of succeeding on a challenge and surprising yourself is just wonderful and so worth it! X



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